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August 15, 2007

No Hail for Dravid's Bail

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India's series win against England, IN England has given a breath of fresh air to India's cricketing reputation. As a new India emerges and the great nation celebrated it's 60th year of Independence, much progress has been made, even in sporting circles. Though not significant in the scheme of things of the accomplished performers of China or the U.S, Indians all over can take heart from the performances of players like Sania Mirza, Bhupathi-Paes, and also it's cricketers.

If one takes the significance of the series win in England by the Indian cricket team, it is no less than any other achievement. Although, with only 9 major test playing nations, India should have definitely fared better through the years. While one has to be proud of the achievement of this cricket team, it also raises questions about the future of Indian cricket. Critics have gone hammer and tongs at Dravid for not enforcing the follow-on against England in the Oval Test. But Dravid knew it best, and he took a decision.

Though as Sidhu paji's Sidhuism says there are no ifs and buts in cricket, one has to also realise that after a game is over, it is much easier to praise or criticise the decisions made. The Ifs and BUTS that come to mind are :

August 13, 2007

August 11, 2007

Attention Please !!

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As I spend more time in the U.S it increasingly becomes clear, that people live here in a world of hype. That is not to say, that back in India we don't. What is surprising though, is the amount of attention and national focus a bridge collapse in Minnesota gets. As a sight of disaster, it is indeed tragic. But in terms of lives lost, not even a percentage close to the lives being lost everyday in Iraq. What is worse ? An unfortunate event which brings about the killing of 7 innocent lives under a bridge ? Or the horrifying sight of dead bodies strewed on roads every single day in Iraq.

Much like in India, the media in U.S catches on to anything even remotely controversial. Blowing up the collapse of the bridge all over the 3rd largest country in the world, is quite surprising for a person from India. In India, there probably are much more tragic sights of death and accidents every other day. But they barely get a mention on news channels. It's all about hype, I say. Though, I share the sorrow of all the deceased, I can't believe this news was covered for nearly a week ! I guess, killings in Iraq have become routine news, and the media wants something spicier.

Spicier leads to stories ranging from Lindsay Lohan struggling to move on with her career to Britney Spears fighting a court case, to gain custody of her kids. Even the missing underwear of Britney's wasn't spared and the media started to search for the place where she could have dropped it. In an open society, pictures which are obscene can easily come out in the wide open, and so, Britney's picture of the aforesaid miss-adventure was flashed across the nation. The news continued to flash off her bald head, as soon as she went into rehabilitation. I say, the media should also start posting ads for - "Missing - Brand New P$$ties. If found return to Britney". Or was it all a sting operation ? Maybe Britney had auctioned it of that night !

August 8, 2007

Rehman - He-Man Of Indian Music Industry

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What drew me strongly to write this post, is this someone called Naresh Iyer. What a break for this talented youngster, who got rejected from the last 25 finalists for Channel V Super Singer contest. But that disappointment turned into joy, and of great hope, with A.R Rehman, the co-judge for that competition offering Naresh a chance to sing for his next movie.

Now, this singer, who is ruling the roost in Tamil Films, has made another achievement. And what a feather in his cap, apart from the R.D Burman Filmfare award for emerging singing talent ! He bagged the National Award for the best singer at the 53rd National Film Awards, results of which were announced yesterday. Honestly, I was really surprised that he did win the award, not because he isn't talented. But for someone so new, to win the award is still a rarity! Unnikrishnan the now famous singer in Tamil movies also bagged the National Award in his first song itself for , "Ennavale" for the Tamil movie Kaadhalan . Guess who the music director was ? A.R Rehman.

A.R Rehman's contribution to the number of emerging talented playback singers is incredible. In fact, when Kumar Sanu was all over the Bollywood Movies with his own style of nasal crooning (tad different than the now popular nasal twang of Himesh"Da"), no awards seemed to be coming the way of Udit Narayan. Unfortunately for Kumar Sanu, his honeymoon with Bollywood got over by 2000, and he became a struggling singer, and sang for hardly a couple of songs for A.R Rehman. But Udit was Rehman's choice, very often, and Udit came out with award winning songs like Mitwa, and Yeh Tara, both of which had music direction by A.R Rehman. Kumar Sanu has had to be satisfied with a world record, 28 songs recorded in a day and an unprecedented 5 Filmfare awards in a row.

August 2, 2007

Can the Dragon Drag On ?

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You come to the U.S and you are greeted with products which are seldom Made In U.S.A. The products on sale range from Made In Cambodia tags to Made In Pakistan. But none more than the Made In China tag. So much so, that anything you purchase has more than a 50% chance of being a Chinese made product. I was looking at the Creative Zen Stone 1GB player my friend has bought, and I turn it back, and I see it again !! Made In China ! While it has helped in kicking on the burgeoning economy of the Dragon, trouble seems to be round the corner.

U.S imports 40% of it's goods from China, which means, every 2 products in 5 that you purchase from the U.S is bound to have the Made In China label. But that label may soon be replaced, maybe even by the Made In U.S label. Chinese imports have in recent months come under sever scrutiny after alarm bells went around about the safety of Chinese imports. Toothpaste and cough syrup exported by China were found to be highly unsafe due to toxic substances. Of course, with such a huge demand, and massive industrialization, something had to give in, and worryingly, it is the environment.

Industrial waste has been increasingly polluting major water bodies. Since China is also a major exporter of seafood, there is a high likelihood of the fish also getting infected . To rectify this, the farm raised fish are pumped with antibiotics to keep the fish healthy and alive. Unfortunately, that has resulted in increasing cancer risks to consumers, and increased resistance to antibiotics.