December 28, 2005

Attend to Nature !!!

December 28, 2005 Posted by Vijay , 3 comments
The most grave of faces can be observed in times of tragedy, calamities et al. But , upon closer observation I have come to the conclusion that every person puts on a grave face atleast once a day. And that once is the time when all hell might break loose if what he/she seeks to relieve is not accomplished. And that is, the morning chores, or to be more precise, "nature's call". Man, do people have trouble not attending to nature's call ? They go through all the expressions that one may have not fathomed ever existed on earth ! So, at office, when a person means business, it could quite certainly be attending to nature's call !!

I am no exception. For, when you don't have a place to attend to it, all hell breaks loose, because unless you loosen the inevitable, the inevitable might take over the controllable. Phew, by jove. No one, believe me , no one can have a smiling face, when rushing for this one !! Next time observe closely !!! And when the person comes out after registering the attendance, there is no person more relieved on earth than him/her !! Well, nature's call can NEVER be ignored !!

December 21, 2005

What I really mean ....

December 21, 2005 Posted by Vijay 1 comment
Never again, never a line,
More from me, you sure can be.
These lines, can they be mine ?
What can be, what has been,
But a hollow feeling, it sure does feel.

Ever felt like being alone ?
Ever felt like weeping alone ?
When all else seems jouyous around
But you just feel being left alone ?
Or is there a spirit so divine
Which can control your feelings galore ?

Sounds so unlike me, these lines,
But deep down I realise, human I am,
No God, not even the shrines,
Can hold back the feelings I have,
For the one, who I wish I could call mine.

Yet there exists no one till now,
Who can look into my eyes and say - "Here I am".
There exists no one till now,
WHo understands what I am.

An impression which giveth a sense,
Of but joyousness abound ?
A perception which giveth a sense,
Of but seriousness which lacks around ?
For it's not me, can I say aloud ?
But my pretention which shows around.

Who can realise that's not me ?
Who can sense there's more to me ?
Help me take the magical path,
Show me heaven, here on earth ?

Who can tell me constantly
There's more to me than what may seem.
She is the one who is meant to be.
She is the one meant for me.
But can she realise the real me ?
Will she know, love is what I really mean ?

December 18, 2005

Booo ....

December 18, 2005 Posted by Vijay 1 comment
That really isn't a scary post ... but what do I write after having seen an Exacting, Exercising, Exorcising movie, that too couple of hours before midnight at a theatre ? Yes, that's what me and 3 friends of mine watched at PVR, Bangalore, yesterday.

But the lead up to it was more funny, really. My friend, Rajan wanted to watch the Bollywood movie, Bluffmaster, starring Priyanka Chopra and Abhishek Bacchan. Seems it's a good movie. But, a movie with that big a publicity and which got released on this Friday, you get tickets for them 1 hour before ?? huh ? crazy yaar. But being always the optimist, Rajan took me and 2 other friends, Alok and Saurabh to PVR at around 6:30, for the show which was at 7:00. Upon realising the inevitable non-availability of tickets for Bluffmaster, we looked for options, like KingKong. Hard luck, only 2 tickets there. And the only movie, which had umpteen tickets available was Exorcising of Emily Rose. And Rajan insisted it is good, and was based on a true story. I was only too happy, for I love horror movies and suspense thrillers :))
So there we were, tickets in hand but for the 10:00 p.m show, wondering what to do with the remaining 3 daunting hours.

Chicks in Forum are indeed a good pastime. Besides that, clothes, watches and phones galore. We went into the Westside showroom there, and Rajan started looking for anything good he could purchase. Boy, does he have a problem selecting something !! He looked around for the whole 3 hours without selecting a thing ! And he is proud to have broken his own record :o Anyways, I kept myself busy, by freaking out and singing a song at the Westside shop, That's why you go away from me song, by MLTR. Man, I had gone half crazy I guess, with shoppers galore on Saturday night and there I was in a corner humming away a song with a Christmas Carol group especially arranged for dedicating songs :P That gave a nice kick to me. Off to KFC, had a burger and then killed time for more than an hour before we decided to have some proper food at another of the Sagars which abounds aplenty in Banagalore ! burrpp .. essoosmay (excuse me !!)

December 15, 2005

And I thought things were fine ....

December 15, 2005 Posted by Vijay 4 comments
Just when things seem to be calming down after India's recent victories, another controversy has come up. Sourav's axing from the Indian Team, soon after a huge win against Sri Lanka. Really, there is no other problem in Indian cricket than it's selectors. Mohinder Amarnath referred to them as a pack of jokers. The 5 jokers like the tag it seems and increasingly embarass the captain, the coach and the players into becoming overnight all rounders. And then, when the all rounder performs with the bat as well as Ganguly did, they find a duck of Yuvraj in the first innings better than a 40 of Saurav's. Aahh, I guess Ganguly did not live up to the standard of a genuine all rounder eh ? Coz he couldn't do much with his bowling ?

Shameless creatures are those whoever is behind axing Ganguly. Deplorable. If axing him was anyway the intention, why even pick him for a test, or 2 in this case ? Ridiculing the stature of a man like Ganguly, is absolutely not on, and I would sincerely request all cricket fans to back Ganguly, for all he has done. This is no way to treat a guy who has captained a country for more than 40 tests, has 5000 odd runs at an average of 40 odd, and has more than 10,000 runs in ODIs and is still only 32, yes 32 is not an age when cricketers normally retire.

And the justification provided for this by the jokers is even more ridiculous. They have picked Wasim Jaffer as an opener(all due credit to Wasim), because, Gambhir is not in touch. Now, the twist is, if Wasim is picked, then what will Sehwag do ? And if Gambhir is not doing well, what is he anyway doing in the Indian team ? Wouldn't it have been better to retain Ganguly , if keeping Gambhir in the team was anyway going to happen ?

December 14, 2005

December 5, 2005

Happened to you ??

December 05, 2005 Posted by Vijay , 3 comments
Staying alone in a room in a rented house ? A residential area surrounds you ? Have an iron grill behind your room which gives you a view of the nearby houses' rear ? Working as a software engineer ? Wake up late on weekends ? Say, a Saturday ? Going for a bath ? Say at 11:00, morning ? Got into the bathroom, without a towel and any of the rest ? Didn't realise it till you had the bath ? Wondering what to do NOW ?????

Sometimes, it helps when there are old clothes or towels which you have set aside for washing purpose in the bathroom. Solution is definitely to get out from there, THEN AND THERE , but with any of those "set aside for washing" clothes !!! Before it gets more embarassing, get out of the goddam bathroom, even if it means you are dripping with water and just a towel wrapped around your waist !!!

Take my advise guys(or girls ??!!). Experience speaks !!!!