August 22, 2010

Krishna's Temple of Shame

August 22, 2010 Posted by Vijay , No comments
I had been to Guruvayoor today, with my parents, wife and grandmother. I came visiting my ancestral home here, and we all went to the abode of Lord Krishna in the evening. Both my parents and grandmother being senior citizens (who qualify for being aged 60 or more) had the option of waiting in the senior citizens queue. While my parents by God's grace can take care of themselves in the meandering queues at the temple, the same is not true for my 93 year old grandmother.

My grandma needed atleast a person or two to hold her through the rush in the queues. Our plan was that my wife and I would accompany my grandmother, and my parents will get into the senior citizen queue (SCQ) in any case. While one person could manage taking care of my grandma, we thought I could help her along in the same senior citizen queue (SCQ). However, things took a different turn once the temple was opened for the devotees.

We got inside, and reached the SCQ with grandma, and asked the lineman (helping with the queues) to help grandma get inside. He objected saying we had to wait and only one person accompanying a senior citizen can be allowed. I agreed, but asked him to let my frail grandma get into the queue with my wife, so that she doesn't have to be stuck in the congested queues. He instead started objecting violently, and started asking me of how I can accompany when my grandma can take care of herself. This maddened me no extent, but the guy had a big ego and made my 93 year old grandma wait for more than five minutes. I lost my temper and repeatedly requested him to atleast let go of her and my wife inside since she can't stand for long.