March 24, 2006

Three Four Three

March 24, 2006 Posted by Vijay , 1 comment
I had found something for the number 343. Well, it can be expressed in terms of just 5's and 2's. Finally got a space to put my equation :) I was thrilled about this ...

(5-2)^5 + (5*2)^2 = (5+2)^(5-2)


343 = 3^5 + 7^3

until I confronted Friedman's number theory.... 343 = (3 + 4)^3 :(

But my theorem still holds good eh :D

March 16, 2006

Cravings in Engravings

March 16, 2006 Posted by Vijay 2 comments
Well, I couldn't have thought of a more apt title for this post. And that too when all my thoughts are succinctly portrayed in it. Ever seen toilets in Indian Railway Trains ? Or, for that matter, the wall in front of any crown where a guy can relax and attend to nature's call ? Well, they are all profuse with the engravings of artists who are fascinated by a girl or a girl's(to put it more subtly that is, no offense intended).

Well, one good thing about it is, that the crowns are distinctly separated between the guys and girls. So, there is no possibilty of embarassment - first, if a girl were to enter a guy's restroom, secondly, if the girl were to observe such passionate drawings. This is not to point fingers at the artists themselves. Sometimes, in moments of privacy, one tends to imagine passionate portrayals. And the artist in us, tends to come out I guess.

But the point the transformed artists forget is, that the place is of public nature shrouded in privacy, and needs to be maintained cleanly. For the same will be used by other citizens who are equally in need of it, sometimes too soon. And, not all enjoy the artists' feelings in front of them. Also, it really gives a bad impression for foreigners who have the same human nature to use such public places when the need arises urgently. And though they might enjoy the engravings, it leaves a bad impression as far as maintaining such public places are concerned.

March 10, 2006

March 9, 2006

Heightened Reduction

March 09, 2006 Posted by Vijay , No comments
An employee with a reputed MNC, enrolled himself for a health check up camp at his office. He had some health concerns and had undergone a medical checkup in the earlier month. He wanted to see how his health progress had been since the last check up. When his turn came, he gave his blood sample and went to have his BMI(Body Mass Index) checked, along with his BP.

There were 2 physicians and an assistant helping them in the camp, specifically for the BP and BMI checks, for the employees. The assistant checked his height, and noted it down on the check up sheet as 160.6 cms. Now, our dear employee in his previous checkup had been measured as 162 cms tall. He couldn't accept such a reduction in height and wanted another verification. One of the physicians, then took him and did his BP check. After that, she yielded to the employee's requests and took his height reading again.

March 8, 2006

Terrorism - A veiled political act ??

March 08, 2006 Posted by Vijay , No comments
It is with great sadness that I am writing this post. Yet another bomb blast in India. At the very holy place of Sankat Mochan in Varanasi and another in Varanasi's Cantonment Railway Station. Varanasi a place where Hindu Muslim faiths have lived in harmony, has been raked up to communal tension. I thought divide and rule policy existed when Britishers ruled India. Seems, it has continued on and even after Independence, this is being followed by the freed citizens of India, who are donning Political colors.

This is not to discount any kind of involvement terrorists might have. But, such a thing to have happened within a week of Anti-Bush Protests and the protests against the Cartoon Controversy in Lucknow, throws the door wide open to other hands behind the bomb blasts. Let me try to get into the mind of a politician, who plays the communal card and woos the voters by raking up communal sentiments. This is just a point of view . Mr X thinks thus - " Terrorism is hitting India badly, and India has been always a soft target of terrorist attacks. So, it really wouldn't be a surprise if another terror strike occurs. Besides, if I can trigger it in a communally sensitive area, I can get the voters on my side by playing the communal card. And more importantly, if I can set of these bomb blasts, it can be branded as yet another unfortunate terrorist activity. Thus I can pull voters on my side even while being safe myself !".