July 29, 2005

Le Chale Le Chale .....

July 29, 2005 Posted by Vijay 2 comments
Chandni Muskuraye ..
Jab Hawa Kuch Kahe.
Samjho meri sadaayen ..
Hain tere saath mein.

Jo ghana ho fizaa mein ..
andheraa ..
Layenge hum sawere ..
Tere liye

Le Chale Le Chale
Yaadon ke ye kaafile
Jayenge Hum Jahaan
Yeh zameen aasmaan ... Mile ..

Narm boondon ki rimjhim
Pehli baarish ke din
Do pehar garmiyon ki
Shaamein woh sard si
Ruth koi .. koi mausam
Koi ghadi ..

Saath mein humko har dum
tum paooge..

Le Chale .. Le Chale ..

Aahatein dheemee dheemee ..
Teri aawaaz ki ..
Choti choti si baatein
Woh sharaarat bhari
Un palon un lamhon ki ..
jaadugarii ..

Aaj bhi sang jo yeh
Dil mein mere ...

Le chale Le Chale ..
Yaadon ke yeh kaafile

Jayenge hum jahaan ..
yeh zameen aasmaan .. Mile ..

Le Chale .. Le Chale ..

Beautiful lines from "My Brother Nikhil" :) .. To you my friend .. to you !! :)
Touching, nostalgic .. it doesn't get better does it ??!!!

July 27, 2005

Stabilisation Implies Death !!

July 27, 2005 Posted by Vijay 3 comments
A group of us employees attended a talk by a CEO from a company today.It was a well articulated one. He happened to mention during the talk that, stabilisation means death. Think about the ECG machines, which follow the heartbeats.As long as the graph goes up and down, the person under observation is alive. But once the graph line becomes flat, it signals death ! Well, essentially, when the graph stabilises, death happens. Compare this to our own daily life. As long as there are problems there will be soultions, or atleast a constant endeavour to find one. When there are no problems, there is certainly something wrong.

Imagine a world full of nice people, who do not fight, who do not seek power.. all is calm and serene.What will happen of such a world ? All problems or issues will be buried, and there will not be any progress that the world will make. Economies will come to a standstill. Just like how wind flows to a low pressure area, there needs to be a low for a high to take place. There needs to be a winner for the loser to win one day. There needs to be a challenger to challenge the winner. After all that is what progress is all about right ? There is no life without progress. And that is why there are progress cards for students, promotion for employees. If there is no promotion happening for an employee, there is definitely something wrong !! And that is when the flat line of the graph needs to be disturbed, forcefully, to enable the career graph to take the upward path that it has to. So, don't let that line get flat !!

July 26, 2005

Everything Is Equal To Everything Else !!

July 26, 2005 Posted by Vijay 5 comments
Given a condition that,

2^x = 32, we know that, bases being equal, powers
can be equated

2^x = 2^5 => x=5

We also know that x^0 = 1, where x is any natural number.
Now, let x be 1

In this case,
1^0 = 1 -- (1)
1^1 = 1 -- (2)

Since (1) = (2)
We have, 0 = 1

Similarly we can prove that any number is equal to ANY other number. Simple

1^3 = 1^5000 => 3 = 5000
And hence, any x is equal to any y eh ??!!!!! :P

July 22, 2005

Lift Thy Spirit

July 22, 2005 Posted by Vijay 5 comments
Strange. If there is a lot of space to move around , there is so much more comfort. Aptly , this can be seen on the streets, when it is not too crowded. Strangers even smile at each other. But, get into a lift, and if it is full of strangers, WOW ! It is totally different. It gives the guy to look at the chick beside or in front, !! It gives the gal the chance to glance at the guy too ! But it is so very uncomfortable, that it is not a gaze but a stare that welcomes people inside a lift. This is from my experience. Either a gang gets into the lift and makes a big noise inside, or it is pin drop silence, when there are only strangers in the lift.It somehow becomes that much more difficult to meet eye to eye in a lift, leave alone smiling at each other.

I guess, it all boils down to the discomfort of being too close for one's own comfort. No manoeuvring space, all crammed, and just a few souls around. Isn't it so that, distances create better bonding ? Well, in the lift though lack of distance doesn't help good bonding !!! But hey, this may not be the case where only a guy and a gal were to be in a lift :P. There is even a malayalam movie, where, guy and gal get stuck in a lift.The guy apparently is a chef from a star hotel, and he prepares Vegetable Fried Rice for the gal and she falls for him !!!!! Now, that's what I call, Love at first LIFT !!!

July 20, 2005

Oxford Rewritten ??

July 20, 2005 Posted by Vijay 1 comment
Seems it won't be long before Oxford dictionary gets rewritten , so as to facilitate the previous generation of people(say in their 30's 40's) to understand the English language that today's "Generationext" converse in. Advent of SMS, possession of mobiles, penetration of electronic media which cuts across sections of society, has left the English language in a critical stage. Not that it has lost it's charm. But, english usage has become more sms-centric or chat-centric. That is why you will find sentences like " dis is d best ", which for english pundits is pretty much indiscernible. Fortunately, I have become used to it, and can identify the sentence appropriately as - "This is the best".

The human element, of opportunism in a more suttle form has evolved. When distances have been bridged by means of mails and chats, humans want to use it to the maximum benefit and faster too. So, it is far easier and faster to type a "d" than to type "the".Similar is the case with "this" which has got transformed into "dis". Benefits ? You save 10 mins(Notice, even I have been infected with the lingo .. mins ??!!) of time, while paying the charge for just 60 minutes while browsing at an internet cafe.Similarly , mobile phones have had a more serious impact. The cost factor is so much more pervasive here. SMS'ing is the in-thing, though MMS'ing will give some respite to the English language.So, you need to keep check on how much currency you have in your mobile, because your parents will not give another 350 bucks for recharging, atleast not for another 3 weeks ! So now, "I am" becomes "m" , "getting" becomes "getin" , "never" becomes "neva", "been" becomes "bn" .. and the list is endless. And when even a 10 year old has the affluence to get a decent mobile, it becomes difficult to stop this lingo from spreading more.

Just imagine, if the english dictionaries were to be updated with the sms lingos. There won't be anymore "we", there will only be a "v". There will not be anymore "what", there will only be a "wat". There won't be a "your" anymore, only a "ur", nor a "you", just a "u". So , essentially, there will not be dictionary anymore. It will just be the 26 alphabets in the dictionary.

For me, it's irritating to read "dis" and "dat". It takes so much more time to figure out what the person wants to say. And by the time you do figure out the words, the whole essence of the message is completely lost. On a positive note, it does help those studious guys and gals to take down more notes in the classroom. But if this has an effect on the exam papers, the teachers are going to have a torrid time of it.

As far as I am concerned, I do try to write whole words.But it is difficult to avoid the usage of "u" and "ur" and "abt". It sure is. But then, such is the influence !

July 19, 2005

Breaking News...

July 19, 2005 Posted by Vijay 3 comments
Hope this breaking news is breaking news when you read this even if it is after this news reaches you later than a year. Lets not get inot more confusion now.

Just now, I spoke to my sis in law in U.S and I got to know that Vidya Balan who is the heroine in Parineeta(Bollywood Movie), is my relative. WOW !!!!!
Actually, my sis in law's dad and Vidya Balan's dad are cousins and are closely in touch !! Aint that awesome ??

FYI - She is starring in Munnabhai II as well !!!

Sad, I haven't seen Parineeta yet :(

July 15, 2005

Former Formation Confusion ??!!

July 15, 2005 Posted by Vijay 7 comments
Ok, this has been beating me for quite sometime now. Imagine you come from school(if not, when you will, you can imagine then :P). Assume you were not the school captain and another of your classmate, Mr. X was. Both of you meet after 2-3 years after schooldays are over. Now, you are with your friend,Y, and you want to introduce X to Y. How would you do it in terms of referring to X being school captain ??

You say:

1. "X was our school captain."
2. "X was our former school captain."
3. "X is our former school captain."

I guess, all the three options are correct, depending on whether X is alive or not. If he is a former school captain and he is alive, option 3 and option 1 is correct.And option 2 would hold true when he is not alive .

Yeah, I think my confusion is over. :D

July 6, 2005

July 1, 2005