July 22, 2005

Lift Thy Spirit

July 22, 2005 Posted by Vijay 5 comments
Strange. If there is a lot of space to move around , there is so much more comfort. Aptly , this can be seen on the streets, when it is not too crowded. Strangers even smile at each other. But, get into a lift, and if it is full of strangers, WOW ! It is totally different. It gives the guy to look at the chick beside or in front, !! It gives the gal the chance to glance at the guy too ! But it is so very uncomfortable, that it is not a gaze but a stare that welcomes people inside a lift. This is from my experience. Either a gang gets into the lift and makes a big noise inside, or it is pin drop silence, when there are only strangers in the lift.It somehow becomes that much more difficult to meet eye to eye in a lift, leave alone smiling at each other.

I guess, it all boils down to the discomfort of being too close for one's own comfort. No manoeuvring space, all crammed, and just a few souls around. Isn't it so that, distances create better bonding ? Well, in the lift though lack of distance doesn't help good bonding !!! But hey, this may not be the case where only a guy and a gal were to be in a lift :P. There is even a malayalam movie, where, guy and gal get stuck in a lift.The guy apparently is a chef from a star hotel, and he prepares Vegetable Fried Rice for the gal and she falls for him !!!!! Now, that's what I call, Love at first LIFT !!!


kaivalyam said...

on a deeper thought i also share your views its a new world out there with adiffernt time frame

Nettie said...

Personally I just stare straight ahead at the elevator doors until it's my stop.

Vijay said...

aah .. therein lies the problem. You just vindicated my point !!

the still dancer said...

Beantown Blogbash.
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Jocelyn said...

Good thought!I didn't even look at the people around me every time i enter an elevator. =)