July 27, 2005

Stabilisation Implies Death !!

July 27, 2005 Posted by Vijay 3 comments
A group of us employees attended a talk by a CEO from a company today.It was a well articulated one. He happened to mention during the talk that, stabilisation means death. Think about the ECG machines, which follow the heartbeats.As long as the graph goes up and down, the person under observation is alive. But once the graph line becomes flat, it signals death ! Well, essentially, when the graph stabilises, death happens. Compare this to our own daily life. As long as there are problems there will be soultions, or atleast a constant endeavour to find one. When there are no problems, there is certainly something wrong.

Imagine a world full of nice people, who do not fight, who do not seek power.. all is calm and serene.What will happen of such a world ? All problems or issues will be buried, and there will not be any progress that the world will make. Economies will come to a standstill. Just like how wind flows to a low pressure area, there needs to be a low for a high to take place. There needs to be a winner for the loser to win one day. There needs to be a challenger to challenge the winner. After all that is what progress is all about right ? There is no life without progress. And that is why there are progress cards for students, promotion for employees. If there is no promotion happening for an employee, there is definitely something wrong !! And that is when the flat line of the graph needs to be disturbed, forcefully, to enable the career graph to take the upward path that it has to. So, don't let that line get flat !!


Nettie said...

Huh. I don't think it's possible for things to be that peaceful, but there's a reason behind that.

Aslan said...

ECG example's not so right. the same pattern keeps recurring in an ECG, so its still stable. stability does not mean a straight line. :p

weird said...

very good articulation...if there are no ups and downs...no changes.. life is meanings... and ECG example is very right... cos stability is never a part of our ECG pattern..