October 31, 2005

What a deal !

October 31, 2005 Posted by Vijay 1 comment
Well, I went on Saturday to get a new mobile phone to change my Samsung SGH-C100 , a neat slim, sleek phone. But with my bad usage, it looks like a grandpa, though it still works very efficiently. What I have always wanted was an FM, with my phone. Well, that was the only reason I wanted to change my phone, coz C100, does not have FM on it. But Samsung SGH C230 does have, and multiple channels too ! So, that was my choice.

Once at Jayanagar in the Phone shop, my human nature took over and I was looking for more features. The shop was offering C230 at 4800, and my C100 was worth just 1650 :(. Then I asked for a Nokia, with FM on it. He handed me the Nokia 6610i. Well, it cost 6250, but Nokia offers much better volume than Samsung. Besides, it also has Voice Recording facility and what's more, there is a camera too ! Now I was really in a fix. For 1450 more, I am getting a better quality Nokia phone. But I also wanted a phone which was slim,sleek and light weight. C100 weighs 76g and C230 70g !!!! But for more features my choice was weighing more towards the Nokia 6610i.

So my choice had gone from Samsung C230 to Nokia 6610i now. The last twist was the shopkeeper showing a tiny ipod like mp3 player to another customer. It too had FM on it, with 128MB flash memory. Well, I asked him to let me hear the FM station, and WOW, the sound quality was damn good. for such a tiny player, the features looked amazing. It was the Samsung Yepp YP-T5H. FM, Voice Recording, USB cables, MP3 encoding, you can record FM songs in MP3 format, can act as a USB, equaliser effects, MP3 & WMA playback, 12 hour continuous play using a AAA alkaline battery. It seemed a perfect deal, and the shop had just one piece. No more phones baby. I was gonna take this sexy beauty. And its size is almost as big as my thumb !! It cost me 4800 bucks :( .But really, I don't have too many complaints. One issue was, that the shopkeeper had claimed till billing time that it was a rechargeable battery. I chided him for having misguided me. But I was not going to back away from the deal. Just happened to notice on the web that this lil beauty has been in markets since last year. But hey, technology will keep getting better and better models will surely come.

Apart from the comparatively small memory size(128 MB) I am cool with the deal. Besides, I can record songs in my voice and be heard at places ;-). That is one way of realising my dream of becoming a playback singer :).

Pros : Pocket sized dynamite - lots of features for so little a thing !
Cons : Low memory capacity, a bit high priced

My Rating : 8.5/10

October 28, 2005

A guide to your password

October 28, 2005 Posted by Vijay 2 comments
No, I am not saying this is the bible . These are just some of my ideas for you to get hold of a password as unique as you are ! Let's see a normal scenario, where you might have a password with your date of birth/name combination in it. Or yet another where you have your mom's name or your girlfriend's/boyfriend's name. Well, they seem too obvious don't they ? All to easy to be hacked. A password, I believe should be as unique as you. And that is the reason, your creative instincts should take over. Moreover, they should be easily memorised too !

I have been following something which varies from the weird to the absurd. For example, you might come across a hoarding on the way to your home which says - "ShapatRaman Hotel". Well, you have a clue there. You can as well have your password as 5hapatRaman. Note the "S" is a "5" now. So you have everything there, a number, capital letters and a pretty long one. Well, that's one of the ways. ANother way, is to pick out a few dialogues which have been famous in movies. Or maybe even serials/Television competitions for example. Let's take the Great Indian Laughter Challenge for example. Naveen Prabhakar's lines - "Paichan Kaun" have been really famous. Well, I would for once take the cue and have "Pa1chanKaun" as another of my password. Notice again, that the "i" has been changed to 1 to suit the necessity of a number,being involved in your password.

Ain't it simple ? Really ? That's all you need to think of. Think of the lighter moments which you have seen on TV and which have borne a lasting impression in your heart. Think of certain amusing lines, amusing characters, maybe Chinese,maybe Russian, maybe Arabic, but which brings a smile to your face. That way, you just are letting your happiness show forth in your password, and helping it make almost impossible to be hacked.So, try it and I am sure, you will be happy safe and secure :)

Don't worry, none of the above mentioned passwords are mine, nor have they ever been mine. So you can forget hacking my system :)

October 24, 2005

October 17, 2005

Senti .. (Don't Read)

October 17, 2005 Posted by Vijay , 1 comment
Finally, after a long hiatus of 3 months, I went home, Kerala, God's Own country, to the cultural capital of Kerala, Thrissur. Boarded the bus on Wednesday last. Reached next day morning, which was a 10 hour journey. Home sweet home beckoned, and I was all ready to get pampered at my native. My parents, and my grandma. Thursday being a holiday, I had taken off the Friday to spend the weekend.

And, as always, mom was there to welcome me with open hands, the warmth which sometimes is so much that it gets to you. In tamil its called, "anbu thollai" and malayalam, more aptly, "snehicchu kollal". Well, if I were to put it in english, it would be - "strangling with love". But, I guess that's what moms are all about. And I was only too willing this time for such an opportunity get the better of me. And then there is grandma and dad. Grandma is one who I crack jokes with, whenever I am around her. We share more of a friendly rapport than anything else.

I went into my study room where I had spent(or did I ??) time studying hard, for the last 10 days of my semester exams, for my B.Tech. Those books, which had pages which were never turned over, they still were there. Those pages, which assured of marks, were there too, crampled up. But all were intact. But, it was on my table where I spotted something which I had long forgotten.

Being the unpredictable type, and fortunately, good at things like sketching, I found a piece of cartoon that I had sketched, that of Donald Duck and Daisy Duck. It was still there underneath the glass pane on my table. I got real nostalgic and felt the desire to sketch. But it was not all passionate a desire, not yet anyways ! But after lunch, I sat with mom and she was showing me the sketch she had made of a swamy. She had got it laminated and stuff. She sketches very well too. That was enough to trigger my hidden desire to sketch.

Like a child, I demanded for a piece of paper, that very moment, and got one from mom, the only one at home at that time. I went to my study room, picked up an Asterix comic, (Asterix and the Soothsayer) and started sketching. I was all excited and went on a sketching spree for the next 2 and half hours. Around 4 sketches, and the most time consuming of them all was my attempt to sexist my brother from the wedding snap of him and my sis in law. Well, I somehow didn't like it, when compared to the cartoons. But it had come out neat alright. Now, I was ready with the sketches. If mom can get her sketch laminated, I surely can atleast get my sketches xeroxed !! Took 2 copies each, and went around my home showing dad, mom and grandma the sketches. I was thrilled :) Then, the forgotten ritual of going to the temple nearby, a 5 minute walk, adorning the white mundu(dhoti as north indians refer to)(Thiruvambady - near Pattraikkal), took me to years gone by, to be precise, 3 years gone by.

The next day was no different. Another couple of sketches, same Asterix comic. But then, as is my want, I get bored very quickly, with something which triggers my passion instantly. And I had had enough of the sketches.

Friday passed by and come Saturday, the realisation dawned on me that I would have to leave the next day. For the first time, believe me, I felt like not leaving home. I had been lazing around, but I didn't mind it a bit. I wanted more of that. I told mom, I don't want to go. Felt a bit sad. Saturday had arrived, and I felt more attached to home, sweet home. But then, as they say, change is the only constant thing in life. And changing places is but part and parcel of change. And once I had started packing my bags, I had gotten over my attachment, and consoled myself. And there I was leaving my home, back to Bangalore.

October 10, 2005

Why .. Why should it be so ?

October 10, 2005 Posted by Vijay , 3 comments
I come across pretty girls quite often, but why should I entertain hopes of her being mine, even for an instant if that maybe ? You might say this is all desperation to have a g/f or worse still a wife !! But I don't want any of those.I shudder to think of having one or getting married !! But then, if I don't want either of them, why does my heart have to inadvertently beat for the girl who passes by me ? Why should I hope that she talk to me ? Smile at me ? Why do I have to hope that she isn't married ? WHY ? Why does my heart have to wander into such terrains which are not my areas of comfort ? Is it just me, or everyone of you who are, obviously stright , who have this feeling ? Why, WHY SO ? Why can't my heart just be stone hearted and all cool ?

Don't listen to the beats.
Don't follow the thought.
They are but heights
Which are better not sought.

Try to look ahead as I may
I can't foego that look askance.
Try mighty I try to say
But I don't want to have a chance.

For I am no good at all these
It's not my cup of tea.
No, don't tie me to the bond please,
I don't want to drown in that sea !

But there goes my beat again,
Looking yonder for the girl of my dream.
Do I really have a gain ?
Something for which I'd rather scream ?

But all this is but transient,
And I have to move ahead.
Looking for a God sent
Angel that may be up ahead.

Don't know whether meant for me she is
But I'll be glad to have
A glimpse of her if I see
That's all that this heart desires.

For all else is not for me.
Even if it means it has to be
Her longing for me ..
Which she needs to see
In better light and decide and see
"This is not what I wanted you see"
And leave me ashore for I am at sea
Move ahead as I look at you in glee.
Move ahead as I look at you in glee.

October 8, 2005

Need I say more ?

October 08, 2005 Posted by Vijay No comments
I am talking obviously about the ugly nexus between Sanjay Jha, Sourav Ganguly and Jagmohan Dalmiya's camp ?? Look at this one now Ganguly's "TRUTH"

Wasn't I right about what I posted earlier ??

More here

And MORE !!

Once again Jha tries to save Ganguly, whose career has almost ended. I guess, Ganguly has taken the elbow opportunity to shy away from the truth. I guess, this was the only way for Ganguly to get away from his ugly spat with Greg. He really didn't have any other option. And our dear Jha (J-ha ha ha ha) still tries to get Ganguly to play again (tee hee hee hee).

Ja Ja JHA, ghar jaa ..
Jaake chudi pehen le ..
Biwi ke bajoo mein baith ..
Aur rasoi mein jaake khaana pakaa ..
Wohi pe tu theek hai ..
Tera site band hone mein bahut din baaki nahi bache ..
Tu chahe Sourav ko bacha le ya nahi ..
Sourav ka to band baj hi gaya ..
Aur teri to vaat lagke hi rahegi ..

Yoo Hoo !!!

October 08, 2005 Posted by Vijay , No comments
I come check my blogspot first thing in the morning and what do I see ?? The number of hits on my blog is XCATLY 1000 !!!! Hurray !!!! 1000 not out BABY !!

October 6, 2005

My Own Shayari :D

October 06, 2005 Posted by Vijay , 1 comment
I dunno why, but I have always got bad feedbacks for this shayari. People don’t appreciate creativity and ingenuity.

Check it out ..

Bindas Bin das ke Bin Hai

Bindas Bin das ke Bin Hai












Devdas bin das ke Dev Hai ….

Wah wah wah …

See.. ain’t it good ??!

October 4, 2005


October 04, 2005 Posted by Vijay , 4 comments
Well well well. I never knew owning 35 mail id's was a thing which is unfathomable and crazy ! Well, I did have 35 mails id's at one point. And I used to access atleast half of them. That was around couple of years back. And, I have a group created for my own id's which is called - sirf_hum I had to yield to my friends' exclamatory remarks and scale down the number of ids to 20. Well, that's the number of ids I have right now. And the groups is intact alright :D

By the way, sirf hum in hindi means "Only Us" :D
Just remembered that I don't remember quite a few of them :D