October 10, 2005

Why .. Why should it be so ?

October 10, 2005 Posted by Vijay , 3 comments
I come across pretty girls quite often, but why should I entertain hopes of her being mine, even for an instant if that maybe ? You might say this is all desperation to have a g/f or worse still a wife !! But I don't want any of those.I shudder to think of having one or getting married !! But then, if I don't want either of them, why does my heart have to inadvertently beat for the girl who passes by me ? Why should I hope that she talk to me ? Smile at me ? Why do I have to hope that she isn't married ? WHY ? Why does my heart have to wander into such terrains which are not my areas of comfort ? Is it just me, or everyone of you who are, obviously stright , who have this feeling ? Why, WHY SO ? Why can't my heart just be stone hearted and all cool ?

Don't listen to the beats.
Don't follow the thought.
They are but heights
Which are better not sought.

Try to look ahead as I may
I can't foego that look askance.
Try mighty I try to say
But I don't want to have a chance.

For I am no good at all these
It's not my cup of tea.
No, don't tie me to the bond please,
I don't want to drown in that sea !

But there goes my beat again,
Looking yonder for the girl of my dream.
Do I really have a gain ?
Something for which I'd rather scream ?

But all this is but transient,
And I have to move ahead.
Looking for a God sent
Angel that may be up ahead.

Don't know whether meant for me she is
But I'll be glad to have
A glimpse of her if I see
That's all that this heart desires.

For all else is not for me.
Even if it means it has to be
Her longing for me ..
Which she needs to see
In better light and decide and see
"This is not what I wanted you see"
And leave me ashore for I am at sea
Move ahead as I look at you in glee.
Move ahead as I look at you in glee.


Deeps said...

hey .. good one yaar.. but know what, the problem your facing is a universal complaint :-).. some manufacturing defect with that gender

Nettie said...

I guess it's just a human attraction, you as an individual don't want to be atttached but it's almost an instinct. Yet it's only natural to appreciate the rare beauty of my gender :)

Prabha said...

Hey nice one Vijay :)