October 31, 2005

What a deal !

October 31, 2005 Posted by Vijay 1 comment
Well, I went on Saturday to get a new mobile phone to change my Samsung SGH-C100 , a neat slim, sleek phone. But with my bad usage, it looks like a grandpa, though it still works very efficiently. What I have always wanted was an FM, with my phone. Well, that was the only reason I wanted to change my phone, coz C100, does not have FM on it. But Samsung SGH C230 does have, and multiple channels too ! So, that was my choice.

Once at Jayanagar in the Phone shop, my human nature took over and I was looking for more features. The shop was offering C230 at 4800, and my C100 was worth just 1650 :(. Then I asked for a Nokia, with FM on it. He handed me the Nokia 6610i. Well, it cost 6250, but Nokia offers much better volume than Samsung. Besides, it also has Voice Recording facility and what's more, there is a camera too ! Now I was really in a fix. For 1450 more, I am getting a better quality Nokia phone. But I also wanted a phone which was slim,sleek and light weight. C100 weighs 76g and C230 70g !!!! But for more features my choice was weighing more towards the Nokia 6610i.

So my choice had gone from Samsung C230 to Nokia 6610i now. The last twist was the shopkeeper showing a tiny ipod like mp3 player to another customer. It too had FM on it, with 128MB flash memory. Well, I asked him to let me hear the FM station, and WOW, the sound quality was damn good. for such a tiny player, the features looked amazing. It was the Samsung Yepp YP-T5H. FM, Voice Recording, USB cables, MP3 encoding, you can record FM songs in MP3 format, can act as a USB, equaliser effects, MP3 & WMA playback, 12 hour continuous play using a AAA alkaline battery. It seemed a perfect deal, and the shop had just one piece. No more phones baby. I was gonna take this sexy beauty. And its size is almost as big as my thumb !! It cost me 4800 bucks :( .But really, I don't have too many complaints. One issue was, that the shopkeeper had claimed till billing time that it was a rechargeable battery. I chided him for having misguided me. But I was not going to back away from the deal. Just happened to notice on the web that this lil beauty has been in markets since last year. But hey, technology will keep getting better and better models will surely come.

Apart from the comparatively small memory size(128 MB) I am cool with the deal. Besides, I can record songs in my voice and be heard at places ;-). That is one way of realising my dream of becoming a playback singer :).

Pros : Pocket sized dynamite - lots of features for so little a thing !
Cons : Low memory capacity, a bit high priced

My Rating : 8.5/10


Jocelyn said...

So at last u gave up d nokia for an mp3 player huh?
That's cool!!