October 8, 2005

Need I say more ?

October 08, 2005 Posted by Vijay No comments
I am talking obviously about the ugly nexus between Sanjay Jha, Sourav Ganguly and Jagmohan Dalmiya's camp ?? Look at this one now Ganguly's "TRUTH"

Wasn't I right about what I posted earlier ??

More here

And MORE !!

Once again Jha tries to save Ganguly, whose career has almost ended. I guess, Ganguly has taken the elbow opportunity to shy away from the truth. I guess, this was the only way for Ganguly to get away from his ugly spat with Greg. He really didn't have any other option. And our dear Jha (J-ha ha ha ha) still tries to get Ganguly to play again (tee hee hee hee).

Ja Ja JHA, ghar jaa ..
Jaake chudi pehen le ..
Biwi ke bajoo mein baith ..
Aur rasoi mein jaake khaana pakaa ..
Wohi pe tu theek hai ..
Tera site band hone mein bahut din baaki nahi bache ..
Tu chahe Sourav ko bacha le ya nahi ..
Sourav ka to band baj hi gaya ..
Aur teri to vaat lagke hi rahegi ..