September 28, 2005

Jhakas nahi, Jack-ass

September 28, 2005 Posted by Vijay No comments
The title for the post couldn't have been more appropriate, with the disgusting way in which the Managing editor of, Sanjay Jha writes his articles. He has a column named, JHAkas, (For the Jha and the Kas), so for a more elaborate expression of my disgust , I have named this post accordingly as Jackass. Again, on the news channel yesterday, he was going hammer and tongs at Greg Chappell. He started getting all senti, saying "sob sob, why a foreign coach, can't India have an Indian coach , sob sob". What does Jha have against Greg Chappell. Look at his website, the first 4 headlines today are trying to tarnish Greg's name in India. What a wonderful day for Jackass oops, sorry JhaKASS(much better) to pounce yesterday. BCCI, didn't even mention a word about Greg's email, and buried it, and Sourav was given a clean chit. So, Greg's credibilty is in question now. Well, I must confess, this was expected from Dalmiya, oops, Ranbir Singh Mahindra, to vie for Ganguly.

And thence pounces our man, JHAKASS !! Have a look at his site, this guy, doesn't have Indian cricket in mind I say. He works for a group, the Dalmiya, the Gangulys, I don't know who ! But he sure does work for them. I still can't post a feedback to JHAKASS on his articles. Boy, what a website. Oye Jhakass, pehle apna site theek kar, uske baad, Indian cricket ko theek banaane ki koshish kar.Hey everyone, if you have genuine Indian cricket's goodwill in mind DONT VISIT CRICKETNEXT.COM. Read my previous post for more details on JHAKASS.