September 5, 2005

Just Remember THAT !!

September 05, 2005 Posted by Vijay 3 comments
The heading of the post is a dialogue from the movie, Bharathchandran IPS(read BIPS), which I saw yesterday with my friends. Yep, it's a mallu movie, with Suresh Gopi in the lead. It's supposed to be a sequel to the superhit movie, Commissioner which rocketed Suresh Gopi into superstardom in the mid ninties in malayalam movies. What set apart Suresh Gopi has been his explosive dialogues and of course this one too !! - "Just Remember THAT".

The sequel BIPS, had Suresh Gopi speaking explosive, saliva spitting dialogues. But the storyline is weak and so was the acting. The movie seemed an attempt to revitalise and reinvigorate some failing careers. Beats me how the movie became a hit though .. Only respite was the absence of any songs, unusual for an Indian Commercial Movie.

Ormayundo Ee mukham (means - Do you remember this face - in malayalam).. This is Suresh Gopi .. :P!!




Nettie said...

I'll have to figure out if I can see that somehow, you make it come alive.

Vijay said...

And by the way, Suresh Gopi is an accomplished actor too .. he has won a national award ! So, let's give him a bit of leeway :D

Chiranthan said...

You know quite about the Indiam media.