September 27, 2005

Cowering for Cover

September 27, 2005 Posted by Vijay 2 comments
This, in response to an article written by Sanjay Jha, editor of

Hi Sanjay,

I read your article and I have also seen you express your views on this whole spat on a news channel. I regret to say, that you are swaying far too much on Sourav's side, for whatever inexplicable reasons.

First and foremost, the whole thing got started with Sourav's revelation on a television channel that he'd been asked to step down. And, quite predictably, and happily for people like you, Chappell made a note of clarification to the media. Strangely(or maybe not !), I didn't find a mention of such a gentlemanly gesture from Chappell on your site, while you should have been condemning the immature and kiddish behaviour of Sourav, for disclosing what happened in the dressing room.

I would not take a second opinion regarding the fitness of the prince of Kolkata, who is the worst fielder in the Indian team alongside, Ashish Nehra. And, the pressure which has been plaguing him, has definitely, gotten to him and he is taking shelter behind the fast disappearing stature of Mr. Dalmiya, like a kid, who does a mistake and cowers behind it's parent. And Dalmiya, contrary to your reports, of winning another election, is going to badly be ripped apart in this one, what with revelations of his advise to Sourav. I hope doesn't fund people in Kolkata, to take out a strike against Chappell, to get the life out of a dead career that is Sourav's.

- Vijay

And of all things, the website doesn't work, when I try to post a feedback to Mr Sanjay Jha. What a site !!!


Sarita Shekhar said...

Well said, indeed! Saurav has been given too many chances; and he, who once gave the team a wee bit of spirit, is now in brutal measures robbing the team of its very life by his behavior. The sorry state of Indian cricket sure needs a renaissance, and heeding Chappell is the only way to have it.

Vijay said...

Hey Sarita, thanks for visiting my blog :)
Yeah, we need Chappell more for the discipline that Indian team lacks, and the laidback nature.