November 30, 2005

Action From Home

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Some cricketing action from my home at Thrissur, in Kerala. The front of home is being used a cricketing pitch which is an 18 yard strip. the bowler normally takes his run up from the road behind the gate :P .. believe me that used to happen. The pitch is kinda up and down, so the ball misbehaves. The stumps have a really weird look about them, what with they resembling a TV antenna :P (which they actually are !!) Batsmen have a tough time adjusting to the fickleness of the pitch which as Sidhu says is as fickle as the england weather !


Square Cut Coming Your Wayy !!!

Great Straight Drive Bro !!

What a stright drive Bro !!!


Home In front (From Road)

Action In Front of Home

Home In Front Again (From Home) : Notice the bus, there is a Bus Stop right in front of home !!

My Own Baby

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Don't be shocked. I am not married yet, nor am I different from the male gang to have something as unusual as a baby !! So, all you females can heave a sigh of relief, for I am as always available !! :P Just kidding !!
Happened to buy a piece of land in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. Got it done on this Monday. It is around 12 kms away from my Uncle's home, who also happens to be in the polymers business. He has his own factory there :) The address goes something like this (yet to confirm :D) -
Kurumbapalayam, Vayyapurinagar (or Vayyampaalayam - debatable :D),
After Saravanambatti, near SNS Institute of Technolgy (the college :D)

Caveat : All details are subject to change according to the level of mistakes in the data provided here.

I must really thank my mom, who insisted on buyinhg a piece of land which would be a very good investment option as well. Not to mention the many thanks to my Uncle who made the whole deal happen smoothly.

About the land ... it is around 6 cents, which comes to roughly more than 2600 sq ft. It's basically a plot of land of 26 cents, which has been bought by my sis in law and cousin and me. I like the plot very much, calm, serene, level land, and whats more there is an Engineering College a few yards away. More importantly , it's Ladies' hostel is even closer :) Thinking of putting up a tent tomorrow itself :D
Another major factor is the airport which is just 9 kms away. And besides CTS has set up shop nearby and Sahara's city colony is coming up as well, at a close by area. Land rates are booming and real estate is looking up. We got the plot for 27k per cent, which is a very fair deal.

Now for the tougher part.. the payment. My brother has financed me for this, and I am guessing he will give it to me for free now :P. Naah, just kidding, I hope I am not literally indebted to him forever !! Maybe within 2 years, I will pay up :)
Feels great to have a land of your own, very much alike having your own baby, coz you get to nurture and build it well, if I plan to build a house there.
What's more, places like Ooty, Chennai, and to a certain extent Bangalore and also Kerala lie very close to Coimbatore ! Lots of places to visit, and even trek within 250 kms distances :)

Feels good :) Hoping for the best too !

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November 27, 2005

Grow Up India !!

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10 days of action, on entirely two different kinds of pitches, if I were to put it in terms of cricketing terminology.One, fought and probably, lost on battleground film stardom, and another still being waged off the cricket pitch, but not on it. Both relate to how India is trying to come to terms with the changing generation of sports,culture and western exposure.The former is the Khushboo incident I am alluding to and the latter the 3 day old finger salute by India's cricket coach Greg Chappell.

Before I do a postmortem of each of these incidents, let me put things in right perspective by stating what happened. In Khushboo's case, it was a mere statement which brought out the stark reality, and the supposed cultural integrity that India possesses in it's women population being virgins before marriage. She stated that educated Indian men should stop expecting that their brides would be virgins when they tie the knot. Poor Khushboo .. the price that she had to pay for blurting out a bold and arguably, likely expectation, was quite unexpected. She was hounded by political parties, esp. DMK, who are against the incumbent Jayalalithaa government of the AIADMK. Devoid of any possible issues to be raised before the assembly elections next year, this was a starter, one could say , for the DMK supporters. When Suhasini tried to defend the remarks by Khushboo, there was flak even for her.

Then, on the eve of the Kolkata match at the famed Eden Gardens came the Chappel finger salute. The coach apparently showed the middle finger to the crowd which was jeering him, for the spat he had with Ganguly during the Zimbabwe series. But that really is not an issue that I want to highlight in this post, though, if Chappell did do the finger salute (which he confessed to having done, he certainly owes a public apology to Kolkata and even to India !! Because, he is the one who is a non-indian and is here by virtue of a high profile job given and entrusted to him by India's cricket board and backed by most of the Indian public. So he owes it to them. And I sincerely believe he should apologise.

November 2, 2005

Enough is ENOUGH !!!

November 02, 2005 Posted by Vijay , 15 comments
Bomb blasts everywhere. Everyday one in Iraq. There are people who have made this situation arise by themselves. But India, of all countries is facing the terrible fate of being the worst hit by terrorism. Enough is enough I say. I don't even understand the meaning of terrorism. So what do you derive out of terrorising people ? Sadists ain't they ? Isn't that what they are then ? Watching how their victims suffer and die ?

On Saturday, on the eve of the festive occasion of Ramzan and Diwali, bomb blasts shook the Indian Capital of Delhi. It killed no less than 62. SIXTY TWO is A LOT. I read another news of a car bomb blast 5 minutes back. 5 dead and more expected. Do we not have enough of natural calamities anyway ? And when such blasts occur every fortnight in Srinagar/Kashmir, and claims even 5-10 lives the total toll takes alarming proportions. I have never been this pissed off and angry over bomb blasts believe me. This is ridiculous and atrocious. What the f&*k do these guys want ? Do they want a piece of land ? What are they fighting for ? These terrorists are mere cowards. They don't have the guts to face an Indian Soldier face to face. Coz if they do, they are gonna wet their pants, forget trying to press the remote control button. Are cowards whom we want to rule the world ? And even if they rule, the way they are killing innocents, they won't have anyone to rule over. Coz by then they would have wiped the entire humanity off the face of earth.

There is no dearth of place for the terrorists to seek refuge in. After all earth is vast. And, for what all these f$%^ing terrorists do, doesn't make an inkling of sense. In the wake of a calamity as great as the earthquake in Pakistan, they still have the unabashed inhumane stone heartedness to detonate bombs in the capital of a country !! How unashamedly inhumane can any ANIMAL be ? They are but bastards. Because, if they had a family they would know what it is to lose a father, what it is to lose a sibling, a daughter or a mother. That's what they are. Bastards. (I don't care what kind of language I use here. I have censored where required and when I can I have blown it up too ! )

It is my frustration that is pouring forth. Yes it is. But it is also deep sense of anger towards a dastardly,bastardly,cowardly act that the so called, terrorists are carrying out daily. What do they die for in the name of fidayeen ? Will their mom celebrate them as martyrs, or will their father do so, if they have one that is ? Will these terrorists not celebrate the victims as the martyrs for the sheer fact that, they have compromised those lives for their own selfish, evil means ? Why don't they do it ? Sitting crouched away in some eerie mountain and taping the beheading of a journalist is inhumane. Know what ? I reiterate, it's cowardly. Really is. They want an all out war, we give it to them.

If and when you come across this post, I just want to tell you, wherever whichever place on earth you are. Whatever religion/caste/creed you belong to. We are humans. All of us. Do you want to go back to stone age so soon ? Do you want to get extinct as a race and be outnumbered even by the tigers which are rare to find on planet earth ? If you don't, then, think twice even before you even take a step to terrorise. It doesn't pay believe me. You can do good by helping curb it, helping people, but not by destroying them ! We have so many beautiful things on earth to be proud of, so many races,cultures,languages,traditions. That's what makes earth so beautiful. It still is the best thing for a human to exist. The sheer fact and privilege to have trod on Mother Earth is a divine feeling in itself.But to destroy that privilege into smithereens, is not befitting of an individual who can lead the world into economic well being, into a place where you would feel you have lived enough, of one who might be the next Albert Einstein, the next Plato, the next Newton.

Enough is enough I say. I believe we bloggers have a responsibility towards ridding earth of potential or existing terrorism/terrorists. Not by violence. But by propagation of message,feelings,experiences and all of that kind which can force the belief into these poor terrorists who are fighting, God knows for what. I probably think, they these don't know what they are fighting for either. But the end result is loss of humanity, peace and living in tension filled circumstances, when one needs to be celebrating the essence of life.

Finally, I sympathise with these terrorists. Despite what they do to terrorise, they are having to do such acts again and again to prove that they still exist.Just goes on to prove that they are self doubters. They don't believe in themselves. They are not sure whether people are still terrified of them. And yet again this points to the fact that, they don't know what their own intentions are. Else, they would have been pushing their agenda in the open not in closed doors. I am not an advocate of any kind of terrorism, but in the reasoning I mentioned in the last line, from all it seems, LTTE chief Prabhakaran seems more goal oriented. That's not to justify acts of violence which are condemnable in the most serious of words.But hey, there should be talks. Agreed there will be debates,arguments,power struggles. I mean, that's why humans are so complex. But that should not hamper the common man who is least bothered of power struggles. The common boy who just wants to play a game of cricket with his friend who maybe christian/Hindu/Muslim. That is the greatest cue that children offer.

Children are oblivious to happenings around them and are so happy and cheerful in their own worlds. They just want to play and have fun. They don't care or bother who they play with or make friends with. So no religion,caste or creed creeps into their thoughts. But, when they grow up and parents inculcate certain beliefs of the good/evil that "supposedly" exist in being a hindu/muslim/christian, is when beliefs take shape. Children and of course youth is what can help move the world forward. If we pollute them, and tell them that this guy is black/white , keep away from him, we are worsening things. Rebellions will only increase.Violence will never cease. We deinitely need more of Gandhis and Mandelas to come together.

Youth of today are more understanding,practical. They just want fun,joy and peace.It is high time we as the youth took up the onus and fought on a truly worldly basis against such heinous crimes. We need to offer this world breathing space. For Mother Earth has offered us so much , but have we given her back anything ? Can't we atleast offer her peace of mind ? Don't we owe it back to her ? We sure do. So please PLEASE, once you read this post, get determined of these things :

1. Abolish religious biases from your head ( It is tough I agree, but that's the foremost step we need to take. I am trying too. But we need to try, and it will happen.)

2. All of us who have eyes,ears,hands,legs and walk on two legs are potentially humans considering the fact that we can converse and understand those similar in the qualities I mentioned. Each one deserves the respect due to them. Black/white/Hindu/Muslim/Christian, all are but humans eventually.

3. Embrace and enjoy the cultures and traditions of friends of the other caste/religion. There is no better way to accomplish (1) than this step.

4. Be open minded and believe and be determined that, no terrorist activity will dampen your spirits. Crying is fine. Fearing is not. It is JUST NOT fine. We are giving more confidence to a confidence starved terrorist by fearing the act. We need to be strong. And believe me, whoever has had an experience, we are with you. I am with you. No one deprives you of your life, just by an act of terrorism right ? We will live on.

5. Finally, pass on this message to one and all possible, so that we know where we stand vis-a'-vis' terrorists and terrorism. We need to stop more from becoming or getting groomed into terrorists. We must try and inculcate an abhorrence towards terrorism and acts asssociated with them. Pass on the message that, terrorists are but ruining their own wonderful lives, which can be so much better.

Let's all work towards making this world a better place to live in. Remember we owe Mother Earth in tons. We are forever indebted to her. So let's give her something that is in our realm of capability, which is to create an environment of peace and tranquility.And remember, we have just one life. And as long as you are in a position to breathe, no one can deny you your right to life on earth. You can't be subdued. Our spirits cannot and will never sag. Let our motto for this century be "We will live on .... "

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My Dil Goes Mmm ..

November 02, 2005 Posted by Vijay , 2 comments
Well, the title for the post is for what is following as a few lines of Hindi Shayari(if u can call that so) that I came up with. This again relates back to the earlier post. This again exemplifies the unfortunate vulnerability that my heart gets exposed to. Bad to reveal, but hey, I accept my weaknesses. And this is one which is tough to work on !! :-( So there she was and her presence, yes, mere presence is not helping me concentrate on things when she's around. And she doesn't even know this is so. And I'd rather not reveal, coz, as my post suggested, that's not my cup of tea. But again, when she appears or flashes that smile, I just melt .. that's a very vulnerable heart I have. All you readers are getting more than what you want to know about me. Please, all you female folks, please don't take advantage of this poor lil chap :)

Nazrein Milane se Katratha hoon
Aankhen Milane se Ghabratha hoon
Nahi mein khona nahi chaahtha uski aankhon mein
Jinmein pyaar dekhna chaahta hoon.

November 1, 2005

Lyrics or Music - You Decide

November 01, 2005 Posted by Vijay 6 comments
Ok, let's see if you can find this song out. Here it goes in english, well almost meaningful or meaningless is something you have to decide !

Her eyes have words, words have magic.
I got lost in the magic, got out of control.
I looked at you, you looked at me,
And it became difficult.
And you became my destiny,
You are only my destination.
(Here comes the clincher ...)
Ten excuses made and took away my heart .. took away my heartt..
Ten excuses made and took away my heart.
Ten excuses made and took away my heart .. took away my heartt..
Ten excuses made and took away my heart.

Can somebody tell me which song it is ?? aah !! It is the english translation of
the superhit song - "Dus Bahaane Karke Le Gaya Dil" from the superhit movie Dus(Bollywood Movie).
Can somebody please explain me the meaning of "Ten excuses made and took away my heart" !!! I am totally stumped as I have been since I heard the song. Shucks man. Lyrics have no meaning these days. If that's so, my english translation should fit in well too !! ;-)

Check out the original lyrics ...

uski aankhon mein baatein, baaton mein jadoo
jadoo mein kho gaye hum hogaye beqabu
i looked at you, you looked at me
aur hogayi mushkil
and you became my destiny tuhi meri manzil
dus bahane karke legaye dil legaye dil
dus bahane karke legaye dil
dus bahane karke legaye dil legaye dil
dus bahane karke legaye dil