November 30, 2005

Action From Home

November 30, 2005 Posted by Vijay No comments
Some cricketing action from my home at Thrissur, in Kerala. The front of home is being used a cricketing pitch which is an 18 yard strip. the bowler normally takes his run up from the road behind the gate :P .. believe me that used to happen. The pitch is kinda up and down, so the ball misbehaves. The stumps have a really weird look about them, what with they resembling a TV antenna :P (which they actually are !!) Batsmen have a tough time adjusting to the fickleness of the pitch which as Sidhu says is as fickle as the england weather !


Square Cut Coming Your Wayy !!!

Great Straight Drive Bro !!

What a stright drive Bro !!!


Home In front (From Road)

Action In Front of Home

Home In Front Again (From Home) : Notice the bus, there is a Bus Stop right in front of home !!