November 2, 2005

My Dil Goes Mmm ..

November 02, 2005 Posted by Vijay , 2 comments
Well, the title for the post is for what is following as a few lines of Hindi Shayari(if u can call that so) that I came up with. This again relates back to the earlier post. This again exemplifies the unfortunate vulnerability that my heart gets exposed to. Bad to reveal, but hey, I accept my weaknesses. And this is one which is tough to work on !! :-( So there she was and her presence, yes, mere presence is not helping me concentrate on things when she's around. And she doesn't even know this is so. And I'd rather not reveal, coz, as my post suggested, that's not my cup of tea. But again, when she appears or flashes that smile, I just melt .. that's a very vulnerable heart I have. All you readers are getting more than what you want to know about me. Please, all you female folks, please don't take advantage of this poor lil chap :)

Nazrein Milane se Katratha hoon
Aankhen Milane se Ghabratha hoon
Nahi mein khona nahi chaahtha uski aankhon mein
Jinmein pyaar dekhna chaahta hoon.

Mein bhi uske intezaar mein hoon,
Ek pal ki mulaqaat ka Aashiq hoon.
Us ek muskaan ka deewana hoon,
Kaash woh bhi mujhe chaahti ho,
Bas yehi Khwahish liye baitha hoon.

Uski nazar dastak de jaati hai dil pe,
Jaise mere dil pe haq usi ka ho.
Uski baatein likh jaati hain dil pe,
Labz jo mit nahi sakthe.
Bhala yeh bhi ho sake kaise ?
Amaanat jo ban baithe hain dil mein.

Aye khuda meri bhi sun le dua,
Mere dil ko bhi de de koi dawa.
Khona nahi chaahta dil ki baaton mein,
Rona nahi chaahta uski aahon mein.
Patthar sa bana de dil ko tu bhi,
Likha nahi jaata humse shaayari abhi.


amol said...

great peice of work.
can i use some of it for my girlfriend

Devil said...

Hey, i'm a magician...give me some hint about ur girl and i will not only tell u which girl ur talking about, but also tell u how she feels about u