March 4, 2016

Media Sedation, not Kanhaiya Sedition

March 04, 2016 Posted by Vijay , , No comments
The more the news around Kanhaiya Kumar spreads, less inclined I am towards believing in anybody, let alone his own version. Among all this drama and confusion, the one source which keeps escaping scotfree, is the media. On the one hand the media reports of instances of intolerance, on the other hand, they want the freedom to continue reporting incidents and blowing them into such major proportions, there is no one who knows what the truth is. And then what happens? The so called anti national gets the sympathy of many, courtesy the media and no one now is willing to even know what the truth is.

The reporting media has become so powerful and opportunistic today, that an entire nation is held ransom to its opinions and views. It is quite appalling for the media to report incidents of intolerance when they themselves demand so much of tolerance. If I were given an opportunity, their wings should be clipped, not to subdue their reporting, but the constant debating and putting words in the mouths of politicians or students, you name them. It is disturbing to air debates which are fruitless given the media's reach and clouded views.

Freedom of speech is something which every Indian is proud to have. But does it give anyone and everyone to air their opinions and generate anti national sentiment? No. But hey, counter question would be - is there proof to show there were anti national slogans at JNU? But do we have proof to prove otherwise? No. But when you see news channels, Kanhaiya Kumar has become the victim. Irrespective of whether he is in the wrong or not, media will report he is the victim, and track him for 6 months and more.