February 21, 2006

Virender Sehwag's Feats in Test Cricket

February 21, 2006 Posted by Vijay 2 comments
Post Pakistan Test Series, 2006, following are the records our Veeru holds in Test Match Cricket. It is quite mind boggling from the Najafgarh Butcher :)

* The only Indian batsman to make a triple century in test cricket
* The only batsman to reach a triple century with a six in test cricket
* 2nd fastest triple century.
* 2nd fastest test double century when he reached the landmark against Pakistan off just 182 balls
* Broke Don Bradman's record of most consecutive 150s by scoring 7 of them in his last 7 centuries.
* Partnering with Rahul Dravid, both were involved in the highest opening partnership for a test match played away from home (India) scoring 410 runs versus Pakistan in the 2005-06 season. They were only four runs short of making the highest opening partnership in test cricket.
* Sehwag's score in the same match versus Pakistan saw him score 254 off 247 balls which is the highest-ever Test score at over a run-a-ball.

Source - Veeru Feats

February 7, 2006

The Struggle To Wriggle

February 07, 2006 Posted by Vijay , 3 comments
What a struggle it was ? The pant won't budge. Emergency not withstanding to attend to the loo chores, the tailor's gift to human kind wouldn't let go of me. The pant stood between me and freedom, it seemed. And I was getting late for office as well. The zip revolution had come back to haunt my pant, and try as I might, it won't come down. I was stuck. It had to come down, but it wouldn't. I wanted to save my pant for the day, to wear it back to office. So I was gentle with the zip. You see, I am never one to give up.

But then, the urgency coupled with the frustration added to my getting late for office got to me. And pout , broke the zip hold. Now, the zip was intact, but without a hold to bring it down. What a dilemma to be in. This is like between the loo and the deep long zip (aka devil and the deep blue sea). Now this was another challenge. Again, I wanted to save the zip. Actually, it didn't cross my mind that it had already been spoilt. Late realisation you could say.

Next 5 minutes went into pulling the zip down with instruments, which no mechanical engineer would have ever even thought existed. But you do find them in the kitchen alright ! Those five minutes of struggle, didn't help in the overall cause and I still grappled with the zip. But in vain. All methods were tried out. They had failed. And I was only getting further delayed for office and the loo chores.

Well, realisation dawned on me. I realised, there was no point in saving the zip which was already spoilt beyond repair. I discarded all the 'instuments' emlpoyed earlier and brought the zip down with my bare hands. Hurrah !! Success. I rushed in to complete what I had set out to and then changed into pants which had better zipsand I was off.

What a time to be in such a tangle. Believe me, that one was frustrating. I couldn't have sat all day with the zip on and not attending to nature's calls !! Right ??

February 1, 2006

Where is Test Cricket Headed ?

February 01, 2006 Posted by Vijay 2 comments
India suffered a mammoth defeat at the hands of Pakistan in Karachi today. A defeat as huge as 341 runs, in a span of 4 days. Well, in the past, such a defeat could have been thought of to happen if a team posts a huge score of 600, batting 2 days long, and then bowling out the opposition twice in the next 2 days. Times have changed dramatically though. In the Karachi test which got over, in 4 days it was possible to complete 4 innings, and yet have such a thumping defeat. In 4 days it was possible to score over 1300 runs, that is, more than 400 runs per day. Mind you, that too in less than the stipulated 90 overs a day's play. So, that makes it nearly 4.5 runs per over everyday. This is test cricket in the 21st century !

For the spectators, it is delightful to watch runs being scored rapidly in test cricket. Lot of shots and runs galore. Looking back at the past 5-6 years, test cricket has changed dramatically. The change to such hectic pace of test innings was started off by Australia, when Steve Waugh took over the reigns from Mark Taylor. One of the major contributors to this revolution has undoubtedly been Adam Gilchrist. He did not change his game plan in test matches vis-a-vis' his one dayers. Justin Langer, then Mathew Hayden followed suit. Autrailia's game plans were simple. Score runs at a fast clip, and make 400-500 runs in under 5 sessions, then leave it to world class bowlers in Shane Warne and Glenn McGrath & co. Game over in under 4 days, inevitably the winners being Autralia.