February 7, 2006

The Struggle To Wriggle

February 07, 2006 Posted by Vijay , 3 comments
What a struggle it was ? The pant won't budge. Emergency not withstanding to attend to the loo chores, the tailor's gift to human kind wouldn't let go of me. The pant stood between me and freedom, it seemed. And I was getting late for office as well. The zip revolution had come back to haunt my pant, and try as I might, it won't come down. I was stuck. It had to come down, but it wouldn't. I wanted to save my pant for the day, to wear it back to office. So I was gentle with the zip. You see, I am never one to give up.

But then, the urgency coupled with the frustration added to my getting late for office got to me. And pout , broke the zip hold. Now, the zip was intact, but without a hold to bring it down. What a dilemma to be in. This is like between the loo and the deep long zip (aka devil and the deep blue sea). Now this was another challenge. Again, I wanted to save the zip. Actually, it didn't cross my mind that it had already been spoilt. Late realisation you could say.

Next 5 minutes went into pulling the zip down with instruments, which no mechanical engineer would have ever even thought existed. But you do find them in the kitchen alright ! Those five minutes of struggle, didn't help in the overall cause and I still grappled with the zip. But in vain. All methods were tried out. They had failed. And I was only getting further delayed for office and the loo chores.

Well, realisation dawned on me. I realised, there was no point in saving the zip which was already spoilt beyond repair. I discarded all the 'instuments' emlpoyed earlier and brought the zip down with my bare hands. Hurrah !! Success. I rushed in to complete what I had set out to and then changed into pants which had better zipsand I was off.

What a time to be in such a tangle. Believe me, that one was frustrating. I couldn't have sat all day with the zip on and not attending to nature's calls !! Right ??


Nettie said...

Plus, it was entertaining!

Anonymous said...

Eda what the hell is all this nonsense.... bloody I understand u are getting paid for doing nothing... but not to this extend...

Take care


Vijay said...

Believe me, it wasn't entertaining
while it was happening to me !
Siraj ...
Don't reveal such secrets plz ;-)