August 23, 2013

With Nexus in U.S.

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I did not know what marriage life would look like. I definitely did not know how it would be after a child is born. On the one side its fun and reassuring to have family and kid, while your interests and hobbies take a backseat. Is that a good ROI? I want to believe so. But being away from family gives one the private space needed, but one tends to miss them too in the long run. Pretty much what I am going through while I am in the U.S of A. So what do I bargain with my wife to rid me of my loneliness? A new gadget! And I have gotten away with this the 3rd time.

I had got my Archos 70 for company when I was in U.S in the new year of 2011. I had my Cowon Z2 for company when I was in U.S last year during May. Over the past year or so, I have realised that owning a high end, top notch hardware/software combination is necessary to feel the pace of technology advances. But I was never one to pay a high premium for it. That gives me the liberty to root my devices with my Ideos U8150, Archos 70, Cowon Z2, Sony Live With Walkman WT19i - all of which are Android and I rightly did root'em all. All of these were indeed modest amongst their own Android peers. But that can't be the case with the new Nexus 7, 2013 edition (Nexus 7 FHD?) HD model. This thing is top notch, and at an astoundingly reasonable price starting at $229. So, my friends, I welcomed this to my android family (wife and child excluded).

April 19, 2013

Birds' Word

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If he were born to a traditional Indian Tam family, Dickie Bird would be busy for his Sathabhishekam. In English you are entering the Octogenarian phase. At this age, it is difficult to raise eyebrows, let alone other details of anatomical significance. But the famed cricket umpire has supposedly dared to declare his all time cricketing XI without modern greats including Sachin Tendulkar.

One knows the heights of joblessness when either media thinks these are newsworthy items to even be discussed, OR I have enough time on hand to even blog about this. Either ways it is one's own discretion to choose their own cricketing XI. Dickie chose his own, but why it warrants media debate is beyond me.

As for omitting Tendulkar, which is what India's national debate will be, the way Sachin is prolonging his career, it is no surprise he got omitted by Dickie. In fact, with the Indian selectors' mindset, Sachin himself maybe having his Sathabhishekam on a cricket field, battling the quicks in Proteas' land. And India will still cheer him on for another run to help him reach his 101st international century.

January 1, 2013