November 2, 2005

Enough is ENOUGH !!!

November 02, 2005 Posted by Vijay , 15 comments
Bomb blasts everywhere. Everyday one in Iraq. There are people who have made this situation arise by themselves. But India, of all countries is facing the terrible fate of being the worst hit by terrorism. Enough is enough I say. I don't even understand the meaning of terrorism. So what do you derive out of terrorising people ? Sadists ain't they ? Isn't that what they are then ? Watching how their victims suffer and die ?

On Saturday, on the eve of the festive occasion of Ramzan and Diwali, bomb blasts shook the Indian Capital of Delhi. It killed no less than 62. SIXTY TWO is A LOT. I read another news of a car bomb blast 5 minutes back. 5 dead and more expected. Do we not have enough of natural calamities anyway ? And when such blasts occur every fortnight in Srinagar/Kashmir, and claims even 5-10 lives the total toll takes alarming proportions. I have never been this pissed off and angry over bomb blasts believe me. This is ridiculous and atrocious. What the f&*k do these guys want ? Do they want a piece of land ? What are they fighting for ? These terrorists are mere cowards. They don't have the guts to face an Indian Soldier face to face. Coz if they do, they are gonna wet their pants, forget trying to press the remote control button. Are cowards whom we want to rule the world ? And even if they rule, the way they are killing innocents, they won't have anyone to rule over. Coz by then they would have wiped the entire humanity off the face of earth.

There is no dearth of place for the terrorists to seek refuge in. After all earth is vast. And, for what all these f$%^ing terrorists do, doesn't make an inkling of sense. In the wake of a calamity as great as the earthquake in Pakistan, they still have the unabashed inhumane stone heartedness to detonate bombs in the capital of a country !! How unashamedly inhumane can any ANIMAL be ? They are but bastards. Because, if they had a family they would know what it is to lose a father, what it is to lose a sibling, a daughter or a mother. That's what they are. Bastards. (I don't care what kind of language I use here. I have censored where required and when I can I have blown it up too ! )

It is my frustration that is pouring forth. Yes it is. But it is also deep sense of anger towards a dastardly,bastardly,cowardly act that the so called, terrorists are carrying out daily. What do they die for in the name of fidayeen ? Will their mom celebrate them as martyrs, or will their father do so, if they have one that is ? Will these terrorists not celebrate the victims as the martyrs for the sheer fact that, they have compromised those lives for their own selfish, evil means ? Why don't they do it ? Sitting crouched away in some eerie mountain and taping the beheading of a journalist is inhumane. Know what ? I reiterate, it's cowardly. Really is. They want an all out war, we give it to them.

If and when you come across this post, I just want to tell you, wherever whichever place on earth you are. Whatever religion/caste/creed you belong to. We are humans. All of us. Do you want to go back to stone age so soon ? Do you want to get extinct as a race and be outnumbered even by the tigers which are rare to find on planet earth ? If you don't, then, think twice even before you even take a step to terrorise. It doesn't pay believe me. You can do good by helping curb it, helping people, but not by destroying them ! We have so many beautiful things on earth to be proud of, so many races,cultures,languages,traditions. That's what makes earth so beautiful. It still is the best thing for a human to exist. The sheer fact and privilege to have trod on Mother Earth is a divine feeling in itself.But to destroy that privilege into smithereens, is not befitting of an individual who can lead the world into economic well being, into a place where you would feel you have lived enough, of one who might be the next Albert Einstein, the next Plato, the next Newton.

Enough is enough I say. I believe we bloggers have a responsibility towards ridding earth of potential or existing terrorism/terrorists. Not by violence. But by propagation of message,feelings,experiences and all of that kind which can force the belief into these poor terrorists who are fighting, God knows for what. I probably think, they these don't know what they are fighting for either. But the end result is loss of humanity, peace and living in tension filled circumstances, when one needs to be celebrating the essence of life.

Finally, I sympathise with these terrorists. Despite what they do to terrorise, they are having to do such acts again and again to prove that they still exist.Just goes on to prove that they are self doubters. They don't believe in themselves. They are not sure whether people are still terrified of them. And yet again this points to the fact that, they don't know what their own intentions are. Else, they would have been pushing their agenda in the open not in closed doors. I am not an advocate of any kind of terrorism, but in the reasoning I mentioned in the last line, from all it seems, LTTE chief Prabhakaran seems more goal oriented. That's not to justify acts of violence which are condemnable in the most serious of words.But hey, there should be talks. Agreed there will be debates,arguments,power struggles. I mean, that's why humans are so complex. But that should not hamper the common man who is least bothered of power struggles. The common boy who just wants to play a game of cricket with his friend who maybe christian/Hindu/Muslim. That is the greatest cue that children offer.

Children are oblivious to happenings around them and are so happy and cheerful in their own worlds. They just want to play and have fun. They don't care or bother who they play with or make friends with. So no religion,caste or creed creeps into their thoughts. But, when they grow up and parents inculcate certain beliefs of the good/evil that "supposedly" exist in being a hindu/muslim/christian, is when beliefs take shape. Children and of course youth is what can help move the world forward. If we pollute them, and tell them that this guy is black/white , keep away from him, we are worsening things. Rebellions will only increase.Violence will never cease. We deinitely need more of Gandhis and Mandelas to come together.

Youth of today are more understanding,practical. They just want fun,joy and peace.It is high time we as the youth took up the onus and fought on a truly worldly basis against such heinous crimes. We need to offer this world breathing space. For Mother Earth has offered us so much , but have we given her back anything ? Can't we atleast offer her peace of mind ? Don't we owe it back to her ? We sure do. So please PLEASE, once you read this post, get determined of these things :

1. Abolish religious biases from your head ( It is tough I agree, but that's the foremost step we need to take. I am trying too. But we need to try, and it will happen.)

2. All of us who have eyes,ears,hands,legs and walk on two legs are potentially humans considering the fact that we can converse and understand those similar in the qualities I mentioned. Each one deserves the respect due to them. Black/white/Hindu/Muslim/Christian, all are but humans eventually.

3. Embrace and enjoy the cultures and traditions of friends of the other caste/religion. There is no better way to accomplish (1) than this step.

4. Be open minded and believe and be determined that, no terrorist activity will dampen your spirits. Crying is fine. Fearing is not. It is JUST NOT fine. We are giving more confidence to a confidence starved terrorist by fearing the act. We need to be strong. And believe me, whoever has had an experience, we are with you. I am with you. No one deprives you of your life, just by an act of terrorism right ? We will live on.

5. Finally, pass on this message to one and all possible, so that we know where we stand vis-a'-vis' terrorists and terrorism. We need to stop more from becoming or getting groomed into terrorists. We must try and inculcate an abhorrence towards terrorism and acts asssociated with them. Pass on the message that, terrorists are but ruining their own wonderful lives, which can be so much better.

Let's all work towards making this world a better place to live in. Remember we owe Mother Earth in tons. We are forever indebted to her. So let's give her something that is in our realm of capability, which is to create an environment of peace and tranquility.And remember, we have just one life. And as long as you are in a position to breathe, no one can deny you your right to life on earth. You can't be subdued. Our spirits cannot and will never sag. Let our motto for this century be "We will live on .... "

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Renjith said...

As I read this another news comes up about a car bomb blast in srinagar killing 6.
I really don't know what to say.
Call these guys by any name...
Cowards/Bastards/any other name
which you find suitable...

F e r r a r i said...

I had mentioned about this sometime back in my blog

I feel the problem we are facing is the peace process that our governments are after! Abolish the peace talks, and screw the terrorists. Things will be back to normal!

Usha said...

I completely understand your anger. I have often wondered what kind of creatures can be so devoid of any emotion or reason to want to kill innocent people for the sake of some obscure philosophy. They sin in the name of God and Man. They do not deserve to be considered human at all.
My only fear is that the disease seems to have spread so far and so deeply that it keeps erupting in every corner of the world day after day. Where did humanity go wrong? Is there much future left for us as a race?

San said...


Thanks for dropping by and bringing ur post to my attention, I totally relate to ur anger. I just dont understand how any person can live with themselves knowing that they are planning on taking innocent peoples lives. What point are they making and is terrorising us really going to achieve whatever it they want?

Something is so wrong in this world - everything is just so screwed up!

perspective said...

i completely empathise with your anger vijay... i felt the same rage when i heard the news on Saturday night..
After all this do we really need a man-made calamity?

Many rages soared through my mind too that day....and for days to follow..
Ramzan is a very auspicious time for the Islam. These terrorists are also the followers of Islam...
During this period they wow to be the kindest and to be givers...
Why and why i say would someone want to take away and be cruel?

The only logic that calms me is that what do you think a thief tells himself when he sleeps in the night? What do you think a murderer tells his conscience everyday? Trust me Vijay all these individuals have their own reasoning and their own logic when they do wrong...

Think ... have you ever been cruel to anyone? have you every justified killing a mosquito? When you do it once, you might think, any number of times after you're numb to the thought!

Sharath MS said...

nuke 'em

d4u said...

Very true. Rage engulfs me when I think of people who can actually take innocent lives...I mean don't they even think once as to what their near and dear ones will go through when they succumb to such brutal acts. Children whose future has just begun are not spared. I'm faced my the question of "where are we heading" a lot of times...the system and the society at large is sick!

Anonymous said...

Dear vijay

I can understand the feeling with which you wrote this article.But i would advice you to also understand the minds of people who had done these heinous crimes.

what would be going through their minds when they kill people.Why do they kill people?Why do they kill themselves ?????.What do they acheive by killing people.?

If you could try to find out these questions you would know why they have done this.

When a great power killed thousands of people in bombing did any one us raised a single finger over it.
When hundreds and thousands of our brethen where raped in broad day light did we show our anger.
when thousands where slaugheterd in our own state of Gujrat did we punish a single person.
Gujrat,Kashmir,Punjab,North East ,Telengana ,Nepal,Srilanka,Iraq,Palestine the list is endless..
But unfortunately our consceince doesnt hit unless it is in our back ground.Why ????
Are we racists,Do we only care when the people killed are in busy streets of Delhi or London.When thousands die of hunger,malnutrition does it ever touch our consceince.Do our 62 lives is more valuable than the thousands of people killed in riots instigated by our so called leaders.

In a democarcy people have power,people choose their leaders.
When America went to war it was with the support of its people.
Its not the soldiers of America who killed thousands of poor children in Iraq.Its the people ,none can shrug the responsiblity as long as you have the freedom to choose the leaders.

The same goes with India.How can you tell with such impunity that the leaders of India has not ordered mass slaughter.It has happened many times in Indian history and continues unabated.
Unless we dont realise our mistakes these incidents will go on.You cant suppress a group of people with power.They will retaliate in a manner which will have severe impact on the soceity.

You rightly said when u find that ur sisters are raped and ur brothers are killed you have nothing to loose.Terrorists are made for petty poltical ends and we are also responsible to it.

Terrorism cannot be solved by nuking the people.It can only be solved by understanding the root problems and finding solutions.
There are no shortcuts to this.
There are only hard paths......

bj said...

^ Question to the poster above

Are you justifying the killing of innocent people over some 'obscure' cause?

Whats common folks doing Diwali shopping got to do with whats happening in Palestine, Kashmir, Gujarat or Timbuktoo?

Anonymous said...

Dear Vijay,
thnk god tat humanity still does exists in some people (like u).I completely relate to ur anger and frustration.I felt the same way when I heard the news.It is sad, isn't it?Their killing people and dying for a piece of land tht they r anyway not going to take with them when they die .They r really sadists.I really wonder how they sleep at night after killing so many innocent people.I think it is high time tht we take a stand or else their is a chance we may become extinct as u say.It is shocking how normal people can turn in to such terrible people.May be they r not born normal!

bablu said...

Thats a lovely post. I agree with you totally. But as they say Peace - Just in heaven. Coz there is No Rest for the wicked.

nomadic_waves said...

Dropped by...

AKS said...

While agreeing with your post is the most obvious thing - I wish to pause and think - How this could have been different?

I feel there are two types of terrorists

one is a criminal - he kills because he wants to establish his terror in the minds of people - they don't fight out there in the middle

The second is frustrated - he kills because he wants to avenge the wrong that the system might have done to him (or atleast he so belives)

The complexity of the problem is that the two types unwittingly hobnob with each other. The criminal type most probably utilises the anger of the second type against the society in general.

May be there are many of this second type. If we want to reduce that we need to make our societies less corrupt - so that frustration levels are never so high that their anger takes the shape of terrorism

Deepak Sharma said...

Hey Vijay,

Would split my views over whatever is happening around the globe.

First, Buddy try and look at the business aspect of it. No one is bad within. Its more of the monitory requirements that make people do bad things. See them over TV, taken to jail and they would have cover their faces. Reason...they understand that they have done is something terrible. One bomb blast can have several motives behind it..they can be business aspect(destroy a company/organisation), political (gaining sympathy of people), Hampering growth(the govt will take a lot to cover this whole up), and a lot others.

See in most of the cases u would find the guy who actually carried out the blast to be either illetrate or less educated. Its his educated, rich masters who make him do that. So the debate should be Who is wrong? rather than whats wrong, and am sure we would get an answer.

Second aspect of this whole thing is "Paranoid", "Nerd" or so to say "designed to kill or get killed". For all you have heard about jehadis its true. Again the aspect here is education. Most of them are illeterate and hence fall easy pray to the one with best of education and worst of brains (remember Osama is a Graduate Civil engg. needless to say one of the best in the world!!)

so according to me the problem is not specific to people and hence cannot be solved by bombing them killing them and destroying them. Problem is a "cause" is abstract in its sense. Its more related to people being educated, enlightened.

Had bombing being the only solution then do u think the world is crazy not to have done it by now.
And believe me u want peace there are two ways...the tough one is..go and tell pepole its not correct way of dealing, give them education, job, security...the easy one is bomb the whole place believe me there isnt bigger silence then the silence of the dead...

decide what u want to do.. am sure we can make a differece..coz we understand and we are capable.

Jocelyn said...

*shrug* the result of misinterpretation of the Quran..