September 16, 2005

Media is going way too far ..

September 16, 2005 Posted by Vijay 2 comments
What is dogging Indian cricket ? What is the inside story ? Why is Ganguly under pressure ? Well, the Indian media, has it's way when it comes to creating divides in the Indian team. It will publish the story in the front page , then on the 15th page and then on its website. They will conclude VERY logically, that if Indian skipper was asked to step down, it was said so by the coach himself. Then what does the media do ? It takes it the next step forward, dig the skipper more AND more and brainwash the reader into believing that the skipper was indeed asked to step down by the coach himself. Any proof for the reader ? naah, believe the media dammit.

I believe whatever issues have been raised about Ganguly's captaincy, have been blown out of proportion by the media, and the spicy news is always what can keep the media groups shining on and on. And then, they conduct polls, and come out saying, India indeed needs a change of captaincy. I am not here to justify Ganguly's stance as a skipper. It is a known fact that he has not been performing well in the past year or so. So there can be no compromise on that count. But, to poke into the dressing room, get news which never might have existed and turn it into a big story, that's what the Indian media is upto. Then they get views from people like Wasim Akram, who will unfazingly agree that Ganguly needs to step down. Dammit, who needs to be captain or not can be decided by the BCCI , why the f#@k do outsiders have to bother ? This is where media is acting irresponsibly. For God's sake, there are more news stories to cover. Cover Sania, cover Bhupathi, cover Anju Bobby George, there seems to be no controversy surrounding them. Why seed controversies and blow issues out of proportions ?

And for the Indian coach. Well, if he did say the skipper has to step down, it only vindicates his own brother's stand of the necessity of a coach in a side. Who is Greg Chappell to ask the skipper to step down. I dare say, Greg is under tremendous pressure. He is going by the masses, who want Sourav's head. He wants to remain in the job and is a coward and not able to push forward with the team that he has. Then what kind of a coach is he ? Coach has least authority in picking a team, and it can come only after the captain..and of course the selectors. Greg seems to be helping out the media quite a bit.. all this is IF HE INDEED SAID SO, which I strongly believe he would never have.

Leave the cricket team alone media guys, and do sincere work, which does not mislead your own sincere readers. Give the reader one exact story, not 2-3 contorted ones. Coz, the media has great power, as is evident. And with great power comes great responsibilty. So, I have an advise for all readers, don't get biased by media stories. And Indians being emotional, tend to think by their heart and not by head. Let's not let the media exploit this.


Adarsh Krishna said...

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Nettie said...

Guess the media is insane all over. Except for bloggers of course :)