September 30, 2005

Jha(k-ass) in danger of losing his job

September 30, 2005 Posted by Vijay , 3 comments
Jha(k-ass) going to lose his job
By a bloggespondent
Bangalore, September 30, 2005

Sanjay Jha, the editor in chief of will have to shut down his website according to latest reports. According to a leading national daily, The Gangulygraph, Sanjay will be facing near bankruptcy amidst reports of the falling fortunes of floating captain Sourav Ganguly. As a last ditched effort to revive the falling fortunes of Sourav, Sanjay has pleaded on his website to readers in his column - An open letter to Sourav Ganguly to re-consider Ganguly in the playing eleven atleast as a err.. captain ??!! The daily also mentioned how, Sanjay has accused the best all rounder in the world, Andrew Flintoff, as a liar, after the excerpts from Flintoff's autobiography were published. It might sound strange though, that the autoboigraphy was written well before even this controversy started. According to typical Indian emotional mentality, Jha has tried his best to fight against all those who fight Ganguly, the news report says.Sanjay Jha has openly supported Ganguly on his site, with polls, which cannot but, give a result in favor of Ganguly. And thus, he has proved on his website that Ganguly is what India needs, and Ganguly did the right thing, the report said.(CricketNext had voted for Sourav Ganguly and stands by it. )

Sources said, that Ganguly funds and Jha is wary of Ganguly's future. Sources said, if Ganguly were to lose his captaincy, it will automatically mean his ouster from the cricket team. The report also says that, to keep Ganguly's flag flying high, Harbhajan Singh has agreed to write a column on how Chappell creates rift in the team and how HARD Ganguly trains in the gym, but has not revealed under what name Bhajji will write the column. Reliable sources say, the name Bhajji will use to write these columns could be Chaddi.

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Anonymous said...

ponnumone ninakku vere pani onnum elle? :D

Anonymous said...

ninakku vere oru paniyum elleda?

Sarita Shekhar said...

Good news indeed! The "Jackass" better call it a day and see for himself who is creating the "rift" with his "favored" polls.

About Bhajji's "How hard Ganguly trains in the gym" thing - oh yes, evening-gym dance lessons maybe :)