October 4, 2005


October 04, 2005 Posted by Vijay , 4 comments
Well well well. I never knew owning 35 mail id's was a thing which is unfathomable and crazy ! Well, I did have 35 mails id's at one point. And I used to access atleast half of them. That was around couple of years back. And, I have a group created for my own id's which is called - sirf_hum I had to yield to my friends' exclamatory remarks and scale down the number of ids to 20. Well, that's the number of ids I have right now. And the groups is intact alright :D

By the way, sirf hum in hindi means "Only Us" :D
Just remembered that I don't remember quite a few of them :D


Anonymous said...

This blog proves the fact that you are suffering from something...:D

Anonymous said...

well well... so 20 ids ah.. not bad! you know i always knew you had the capability of handling even 200 ids!!! because its just YOU :-)

Anonymous said...

unfathomable or crazy ? I think with kinda things u do .. like the one u said "20 ids - Sirf Tum" we have to add another word/adjective to describe these acts.Something like "VIJABLE" or "VIJAYZY" :D

kilburina said...

I thought I was bad with six email addresses! You beat me hands down!