October 28, 2005

A guide to your password

October 28, 2005 Posted by Vijay 2 comments
No, I am not saying this is the bible . These are just some of my ideas for you to get hold of a password as unique as you are ! Let's see a normal scenario, where you might have a password with your date of birth/name combination in it. Or yet another where you have your mom's name or your girlfriend's/boyfriend's name. Well, they seem too obvious don't they ? All to easy to be hacked. A password, I believe should be as unique as you. And that is the reason, your creative instincts should take over. Moreover, they should be easily memorised too !

I have been following something which varies from the weird to the absurd. For example, you might come across a hoarding on the way to your home which says - "ShapatRaman Hotel". Well, you have a clue there. You can as well have your password as 5hapatRaman. Note the "S" is a "5" now. So you have everything there, a number, capital letters and a pretty long one. Well, that's one of the ways. ANother way, is to pick out a few dialogues which have been famous in movies. Or maybe even serials/Television competitions for example. Let's take the Great Indian Laughter Challenge for example. Naveen Prabhakar's lines - "Paichan Kaun" have been really famous. Well, I would for once take the cue and have "Pa1chanKaun" as another of my password. Notice again, that the "i" has been changed to 1 to suit the necessity of a number,being involved in your password.

Ain't it simple ? Really ? That's all you need to think of. Think of the lighter moments which you have seen on TV and which have borne a lasting impression in your heart. Think of certain amusing lines, amusing characters, maybe Chinese,maybe Russian, maybe Arabic, but which brings a smile to your face. That way, you just are letting your happiness show forth in your password, and helping it make almost impossible to be hacked.So, try it and I am sure, you will be happy safe and secure :)

Don't worry, none of the above mentioned passwords are mine, nor have they ever been mine. So you can forget hacking my system :)


Krithiga said...

In Internet Lingo, it's a cipher, called "L33T speak", or "LEET" which is pronounced as "Elite" speak. So "Hackers" becomes "h4x0r", "Dude" becomes "d00d" and so forth!

Hiren said...

Ingernious and creative way of using passwords. I thing it would be as easy to remember them as the normal passwords.