March 16, 2006

Cravings in Engravings

March 16, 2006 Posted by Vijay 2 comments
Well, I couldn't have thought of a more apt title for this post. And that too when all my thoughts are succinctly portrayed in it. Ever seen toilets in Indian Railway Trains ? Or, for that matter, the wall in front of any crown where a guy can relax and attend to nature's call ? Well, they are all profuse with the engravings of artists who are fascinated by a girl or a girl's(to put it more subtly that is, no offense intended).

Well, one good thing about it is, that the crowns are distinctly separated between the guys and girls. So, there is no possibilty of embarassment - first, if a girl were to enter a guy's restroom, secondly, if the girl were to observe such passionate drawings. This is not to point fingers at the artists themselves. Sometimes, in moments of privacy, one tends to imagine passionate portrayals. And the artist in us, tends to come out I guess.

But the point the transformed artists forget is, that the place is of public nature shrouded in privacy, and needs to be maintained cleanly. For the same will be used by other citizens who are equally in need of it, sometimes too soon. And, not all enjoy the artists' feelings in front of them. Also, it really gives a bad impression for foreigners who have the same human nature to use such public places when the need arises urgently. And though they might enjoy the engravings, it leaves a bad impression as far as maintaining such public places are concerned.

And the places for such engravings are not restricted to these public places alone. They stretch far and wide. The lonely lover, whose love is unfulfilled, expresses his feelings by having cupid's arrow between his name and his lover's, on a huge rock on a hilly terrain. Well, love expressed for everyone to see! Passers by will take notice and reminisce their own love, whether lost or otherwise.Their craving for their beloved expressed in so much as a love sign. But yet again, places which are of historical significance also seldom are spared. And then the limits are crossed. For, such places should be guarded against the travails of transformed artists, and should be preserved for civilisations to know what the earth was like centuries ago.

This is, as far as the Indians are concerned. Their cravings for love and lust transforms them into one minute Van Gogh's in the crown. And thus form the engravings on places as varied as public toilets to rocks in far flung hills. I am not sure if this is the same everywhere, around the world. But if India needs to become the top tourist destination, no doubt these antics have to be done away with.


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