March 8, 2006

Terrorism - A veiled political act ??

March 08, 2006 Posted by Vijay , No comments
It is with great sadness that I am writing this post. Yet another bomb blast in India. At the very holy place of Sankat Mochan in Varanasi and another in Varanasi's Cantonment Railway Station. Varanasi a place where Hindu Muslim faiths have lived in harmony, has been raked up to communal tension. I thought divide and rule policy existed when Britishers ruled India. Seems, it has continued on and even after Independence, this is being followed by the freed citizens of India, who are donning Political colors.

This is not to discount any kind of involvement terrorists might have. But, such a thing to have happened within a week of Anti-Bush Protests and the protests against the Cartoon Controversy in Lucknow, throws the door wide open to other hands behind the bomb blasts. Let me try to get into the mind of a politician, who plays the communal card and woos the voters by raking up communal sentiments. This is just a point of view . Mr X thinks thus - " Terrorism is hitting India badly, and India has been always a soft target of terrorist attacks. So, it really wouldn't be a surprise if another terror strike occurs. Besides, if I can trigger it in a communally sensitive area, I can get the voters on my side by playing the communal card. And more importantly, if I can set of these bomb blasts, it can be branded as yet another unfortunate terrorist activity. Thus I can pull voters on my side even while being safe myself !".

Well, I am just hoping against hope, that such a thought process hasn't been the cause for such a terror strike at a sacred place. But, politicians in a democracy, especially in India, have always, ALWAYS tried to make hay while the sun shines, and such a sarcastic sentence is apt for the kind of situation existing in Varanasi. The balme games have already begun. Criticism of the incumbent government in U.P has started. The central government, has been targetted for having appeased the minorities and thus having to face up to such situations. Really, is this the time to be having such blame games ?

Media has not helped matters at all. For all the good that the media has done to expose corruption and corrupt government officials, it has also been responsible to instigate views from politicians and then blow up things. Then conduct nationwide sms polls, and gain viewership. So, everyone is an opportunist at the end of the day. But what happens of the hapless victims ? What happens of the 20 bereaved families and those who are battling with death ? Like in GILC, Raju Srivastava imitated a reporter in the middle of floods in Mumbai, interviewing a drowning person. That's what media has been upto. Sensationalising, just to get viewership !

Terrorism exists. No doubt it is a scourge that has to be dealt with and defeated. But if there is a nexus between them and our own countrymen , things will be worse. Things will go out of control. All this for power struggles. All this to gain a point over the opposing party. At the cost of a section of their very own voters ! How can we ever won over terrorism if such nexuses exist amongst our very own rulers ?

All view(s) expressed here is/are just point(s) of view. I am strictly apolitical and do not and have not intended to target any particular political party.