March 9, 2006

Heightened Reduction

March 09, 2006 Posted by Vijay , No comments
An employee with a reputed MNC, enrolled himself for a health check up camp at his office. He had some health concerns and had undergone a medical checkup in the earlier month. He wanted to see how his health progress had been since the last check up. When his turn came, he gave his blood sample and went to have his BMI(Body Mass Index) checked, along with his BP.

There were 2 physicians and an assistant helping them in the camp, specifically for the BP and BMI checks, for the employees. The assistant checked his height, and noted it down on the check up sheet as 160.6 cms. Now, our dear employee in his previous checkup had been measured as 162 cms tall. He couldn't accept such a reduction in height and wanted another verification. One of the physicians, then took him and did his BP check. After that, she yielded to the employee's requests and took his height reading again.

This time, the employee seemed to have been vindicated of his assessment. The physician, after having taken the reading, stared at her assistant, for what appeared to be a wrong reading he had taken. The employee was sure that 162 cms was right and that's why the expression on her face. Little did he know what was coming his way. Upon closer observation into the entry the physician made on the check up sheet, he saw the height now read - 160 cms. Now, the reading was wrong, but our employee didn't expect it to lower further. He started to wonder how can height reduce from 162 to 160.6 and then again to 160 ? And, on top of that , his weight was 3 kgs more than the reading in his earlier check up. An increase in weight leads to a decrease in height ? He wondered ? Another possibilty could have been, that he had cut his hair short 3 days back. Could that have measured 2 cms more, in his earlier check up ? He wondered.

Anyways, it seemed a matter of heightened reduction. Or, may I say, heights of reduction ? Either ways, you need not dispel your doubts that the employee in this case was me.