December 15, 2005

And I thought things were fine ....

December 15, 2005 Posted by Vijay 4 comments
Just when things seem to be calming down after India's recent victories, another controversy has come up. Sourav's axing from the Indian Team, soon after a huge win against Sri Lanka. Really, there is no other problem in Indian cricket than it's selectors. Mohinder Amarnath referred to them as a pack of jokers. The 5 jokers like the tag it seems and increasingly embarass the captain, the coach and the players into becoming overnight all rounders. And then, when the all rounder performs with the bat as well as Ganguly did, they find a duck of Yuvraj in the first innings better than a 40 of Saurav's. Aahh, I guess Ganguly did not live up to the standard of a genuine all rounder eh ? Coz he couldn't do much with his bowling ?

Shameless creatures are those whoever is behind axing Ganguly. Deplorable. If axing him was anyway the intention, why even pick him for a test, or 2 in this case ? Ridiculing the stature of a man like Ganguly, is absolutely not on, and I would sincerely request all cricket fans to back Ganguly, for all he has done. This is no way to treat a guy who has captained a country for more than 40 tests, has 5000 odd runs at an average of 40 odd, and has more than 10,000 runs in ODIs and is still only 32, yes 32 is not an age when cricketers normally retire.

And the justification provided for this by the jokers is even more ridiculous. They have picked Wasim Jaffer as an opener(all due credit to Wasim), because, Gambhir is not in touch. Now, the twist is, if Wasim is picked, then what will Sehwag do ? And if Gambhir is not doing well, what is he anyway doing in the Indian team ? Wouldn't it have been better to retain Ganguly , if keeping Gambhir in the team was anyway going to happen ?

Another point is, if a team is winning AND a person is performing, I guess only in India will such a shameless act of dropping the performer will be done. Not even in Pakistan would this have occurred. Shame on the selectors. They are not only the jokers, they are also making a joke of the sport in our country. Really, the selectors need to be dropped, is my honest opinion.

Dada, you may have not been performing well, you may have your own personal problems and ego issues. But what is undoubted is your talent and your grit. That will see you through this time. All of India is with you and let the goddam selectors go to hell. India is with you, and at this moment in time, I sincerely wish, hope and pray that you make a comeback which can only be dreamt of. Show the world and me, what you are capable of, and then sign off in style. I am sure with your guts and determination, you will come back, because it's you, and not any other cricketer. All the best Dada !


Japesh said...

First of all, More tagging Sourav as an allrounder and picking him was wrong. Because the right place where the Prince of Kolkota belongs is the One day Arena. It is in this format of the game that Dada was hugely successfuly scoring 1000 runs in just 9 seasons with 22 hundreds and countless huge sixes. Who can forget Dada coming down the track to an off spinner or a left arm spinner and lofting him for big sixes or his drives through the off side.In the test , his weaknesses are exposed. SO it was a mistake on the selectors part to choose him in the wrong format -the Test matches.

Secondly, the man whom they are grooming - Yuvraj Singh is once in a blue moon player whether it is tests or Onedayers. he just scores once in 15 - 20 innings. No doubt he is an elagant player but he is not consistent neither does he have a good technique.

Thirdly, Ganguly had played two valuable innings at crucial stages. So it was not at all fair to drop him.

I think he has been humiliated in the last 4-5 months. Despite all this , he is still keeping his head high and scoring runs and taking wickets in domestic cricket and fighting out a lone battle with everbody against him.

Anonymous said...

You should note that Greg Chapell is the stupid behind all this...Selectors just does what he says...we indians always support outsiders....and i blame selectors for not thinking on their own....chappell gave an 8 minute talk....2-3 selectors changed their decision......tho...woh kud soch nahi sakte kya....

Deepak Sharma said...

Laxman ka kya?? why is he in team..what good he has done..who is supporting many games will his one 281 runs innings will make him in...

"Yeda ban ke peda kha raha hai" this is a famouns mumbaiya slang...means he is trying look innocent and everyone is getting him what he wants...What has he done in the two tests to be retained?

My team...throw Gambhir out take Wasim in and throw Laxman out and get sehwag u retain all of ur Top order..sehwag opens with Waism...middle order is intact too...Sachin, Dravid, Ganguly, Dhoni and yuvraj,... tail being Irfan, Harbhajan, Agarkar and kumble..

what say ya junta!!!its looking the most formidible side ever..:-)
wish i was one of selectors..:-(

Sinsimply said...

Hey... actually commenting after almost 1 year.... but tats me nyway...
this perticular article was superb n i loved it... every single word is accurately articulated , n as u wished hoped n prayed in de last para He has made memorable come back... something which only he can do n incidently he just scored a century against pakistan :)
So things are actually shaping up fine... De jokers r rested i beliv