December 28, 2005

Attend to Nature !!!

December 28, 2005 Posted by Vijay , 3 comments
The most grave of faces can be observed in times of tragedy, calamities et al. But , upon closer observation I have come to the conclusion that every person puts on a grave face atleast once a day. And that once is the time when all hell might break loose if what he/she seeks to relieve is not accomplished. And that is, the morning chores, or to be more precise, "nature's call". Man, do people have trouble not attending to nature's call ? They go through all the expressions that one may have not fathomed ever existed on earth ! So, at office, when a person means business, it could quite certainly be attending to nature's call !!

I am no exception. For, when you don't have a place to attend to it, all hell breaks loose, because unless you loosen the inevitable, the inevitable might take over the controllable. Phew, by jove. No one, believe me , no one can have a smiling face, when rushing for this one !! Next time observe closely !!! And when the person comes out after registering the attendance, there is no person more relieved on earth than him/her !! Well, nature's call can NEVER be ignored !!


Rahul said...

That is one place you cannot offer to bunk :p

Nettie said...

Hey, here's to a happy New Year!

Jocelyn said...

Lol...happy new year