January 12, 2006

Expectations ...

January 12, 2006 Posted by Vijay 3 comments
Is What you expect what you get ?
Or is there something more you wanted ?
Is what you got what you wanted ?
Or is there something else you always wanted ?

Can't but limit one's expectations,
For what they fathom are seldom met.
But there in lies wings of hope,
Desires which drive to get the best.

What if you get what you want ?
Will that be the end of it all ?
What if you don't get what you want ?
Will THAT be the end of it all ?

The former can never end a thing,
For greed is what humans are for.
The latter can never end a thing,
For hope is what humans live on.

What if you didn't get the call,
From a dear friend, living afar ?
What if you didn't clear the exam,
One which you always dreamt of ?

A call which would have sealed
More strongly the bond of friendship ?
An exam which could have sealed
Forever a career short of hardship ?

Is that all there is to expect ?
But fret over failed friendships ?
Is that all that one can do ?
But crib over fate what was destined to be ?

Isn't the expectation a sign of ego,
Misplaced in the realm of emotion ?
When the call doesn't come your way
But you never intitiate one anyway ?

Isn't expectation a sign of helplessness,
When an exam will by no means
Seal your future,
Nor make it or break it ?

When she doesn't turn around to greet,
Forget coming out to eat.
Isn't that expecting something,
Which is best left unattended ?

When you expect a hike,
For what you work for,
But it never realises,
And gets buried forever.

Isn't that expectation and greed,
That one is having to need
More to life than what it gives,
More to live than what it needs ?

Is it all in human nature ?
To expect and have what he wants,
But be disappointed when it's not
Met nor got when he wants ?

Is it all in human nature ?
To be expectant, and get disappointed ?
Or is it what we make it out to be
And miss out what happened ?

But, as is in God's wish,
The wanted happens when least expected,
And then we grapple with life,
Only to return back, disappointed.

What you do is what you get,
For by your actions are always met
The expectations that you had sometime set
Over which you should never fret.

There is destiny, there is fate,
But both can be made our own.
When the veil of expectations can be taken off,
That is when new life can be sown.


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Good one :-)

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