December 18, 2005

Booo ....

December 18, 2005 Posted by Vijay 1 comment
That really isn't a scary post ... but what do I write after having seen an Exacting, Exercising, Exorcising movie, that too couple of hours before midnight at a theatre ? Yes, that's what me and 3 friends of mine watched at PVR, Bangalore, yesterday.

But the lead up to it was more funny, really. My friend, Rajan wanted to watch the Bollywood movie, Bluffmaster, starring Priyanka Chopra and Abhishek Bacchan. Seems it's a good movie. But, a movie with that big a publicity and which got released on this Friday, you get tickets for them 1 hour before ?? huh ? crazy yaar. But being always the optimist, Rajan took me and 2 other friends, Alok and Saurabh to PVR at around 6:30, for the show which was at 7:00. Upon realising the inevitable non-availability of tickets for Bluffmaster, we looked for options, like KingKong. Hard luck, only 2 tickets there. And the only movie, which had umpteen tickets available was Exorcising of Emily Rose. And Rajan insisted it is good, and was based on a true story. I was only too happy, for I love horror movies and suspense thrillers :))
So there we were, tickets in hand but for the 10:00 p.m show, wondering what to do with the remaining 3 daunting hours.

Chicks in Forum are indeed a good pastime. Besides that, clothes, watches and phones galore. We went into the Westside showroom there, and Rajan started looking for anything good he could purchase. Boy, does he have a problem selecting something !! He looked around for the whole 3 hours without selecting a thing ! And he is proud to have broken his own record :o Anyways, I kept myself busy, by freaking out and singing a song at the Westside shop, That's why you go away from me song, by MLTR. Man, I had gone half crazy I guess, with shoppers galore on Saturday night and there I was in a corner humming away a song with a Christmas Carol group especially arranged for dedicating songs :P That gave a nice kick to me. Off to KFC, had a burger and then killed time for more than an hour before we decided to have some proper food at another of the Sagars which abounds aplenty in Banagalore ! burrpp .. essoosmay (excuse me !!)

Picture begin at 10:00 p.m, at PVR. And what a movie, Exorcism of Emily Rose, based on a real life incident. It is the story of Emily Rose, who is possessed by demons. the girl gets a scholarship at a city university for her studies. But what awaits her is far from what she would have even dreamt of. At 3:00 a.m in the wee hours of the morning, she once gets awakened by something burning. Things start moving around in her table. Her body gets possessed by demons and she is mentally traumatised. She gets scared of things around her as the demons continue to ravage her mental state. Doctors claim it as attacks of epilepsy and then psychosis. She is given medication for them, but they don't work. Her condition worsens as she can't eat anything either. She comes back home and agrees to get a priest to exorcise the demons out of her, for she no longer believed in the medication. But during his attempts at the exorcism, the priest can't help save Emily's life.


The film tries to portray the existence of demons as against medical beliefs which choose to refute them. It's a case which goes to court where these two beliefs clash. The priest who tries to exorcise the demons, is found guilty, because of evidences which were against him and which were lost due to other circumstances. But a tape which was used to record the exorcism by the priest, proves a saviour, and the priest is left free, though found guilty.

Man, an exorcising movie at late night 12:00, and demons knocking at the door of your heart at 3:00 a.m ?!! phew, that's scary believe me. But the experience was enjoyable, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Except for a moment, when , at a critical point in the movie, when the demons are possessing the actor, and there is screaming and eyes popping out of her, there is a ringtone from the title track of the movie Mohabbattein !! GIMME A BREAK.


Jocelyn said...

A horror movie at 12 midnight?? Wow!!!