December 21, 2005

What I really mean ....

December 21, 2005 Posted by Vijay 1 comment
Never again, never a line,
More from me, you sure can be.
These lines, can they be mine ?
What can be, what has been,
But a hollow feeling, it sure does feel.

Ever felt like being alone ?
Ever felt like weeping alone ?
When all else seems jouyous around
But you just feel being left alone ?
Or is there a spirit so divine
Which can control your feelings galore ?

Sounds so unlike me, these lines,
But deep down I realise, human I am,
No God, not even the shrines,
Can hold back the feelings I have,
For the one, who I wish I could call mine.

Yet there exists no one till now,
Who can look into my eyes and say - "Here I am".
There exists no one till now,
WHo understands what I am.

An impression which giveth a sense,
Of but joyousness abound ?
A perception which giveth a sense,
Of but seriousness which lacks around ?
For it's not me, can I say aloud ?
But my pretention which shows around.

Who can realise that's not me ?
Who can sense there's more to me ?
Help me take the magical path,
Show me heaven, here on earth ?

Who can tell me constantly
There's more to me than what may seem.
She is the one who is meant to be.
She is the one meant for me.
But can she realise the real me ?
Will she know, love is what I really mean ?