April 3, 2006

A Letter To WWF

April 03, 2006 Posted by Vijay 1 comment



Network Services and Supporter Relations,

Subject: WWF Service.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I happened to receive a renewal letter from WWF. I had donated a sum of Rs 2000 towards WWF in 2004-05 financial year. I wanted to be a part of the movement to save wildlife, and I still am. However, the undelivered promises from WWF India have left me in very bad taste.

For a donation of Rs 2000, I come under the Supporter bracket. And I am entitled to, and I quote – “WWF-India newsletters, a personalized subscriber card, car sticker, toy panda, wrist watch, and a 15% discount on WWF-India merchandise”. This is what the registration details say. But during my term as supporter for WWF India, apart from receiving outdated newsletters which numbered 2, I have received nothing else.

Here I pause to ask a few questions:

1. Why promise to deliver something which you can’t?
2. If you think the money donated can be used for so many promises, but you still don’t deliver on most of them, where does all the money go? With this kind of service, I will definitely not buy the argument that this is going towards the overall cause of saving wildlife.
3. I can’t even imagine how you could ask for a renewal even after all this? I am returning the same back to you.
4. If this is the kind of service you offer, I don’t foresee much donations coming your way, or are these for other ulterior motives?

I apologise for the harsh wordings in this letter. But I couldn’t hold back in expressing my outrage in such a noble cause as saving wildlife going astray.

All this is not to receive whatever has been entitled to me. But this is to bring to your notice that such kind of service will not go down well with true nature enthusiasts. And they are the ones who finally matter. I am not willing to accept any of the gifts I am entitled to get through my donation even if you send them now. But I would sincerely hope, pray and wish that the money set apart for this has indeed been used for the actual purpose of WWF. If not, it’s still not too late. It’s really ironic that someone outside of WWF is having to remind you of this. But the situation demanded that I brought this up.

Hope that this letter is taken in the right spirit and necessary changes are taken.
Kindly wake up to the cause, and act before it’s too late!


3rd April 2006.


Nettie said...

That's very cool of you, to stand up so.