May 25, 2006

Reservation - Why it is of major concern

May 25, 2006 Posted by Vijay , 2 comments
I had made my point felt in my earlier post. But seems our politicians are adamant to make use of whatever the vote bank can do for them. This is not to say there aren't under privileged citizens in India. There are.
But before the pro-reservation lobby goes up in arms for what the anti-reservation lobby is fighting for, they need to think how much the sincere politicians have done for their well being. The boon of giving reservation has been , that there are seats lying vacant in UGC, and other universities. This only further proves the point, that the politicians in general, will go in for any short cut solution to get the vote bank. Why these seats are lying vacant is evidence enough to prove that the candidates of the under privileged section have not been given exposure, nor the requisite training to reach such standards. Doesn't that directly reflect on the apathetic nature of the politicians on the Educational System as such ?

This is not the whole point. The matter of concern is about India at large. In this age when media drives the emotions and sentiments of millions of people, the caste system seems to have breathed a new life. The more the media coverage, the more the anger and condescending the attitude becomes towards the OBC's so to speak. Yes, the distinctions in society were made, through years and years of rule and exploitation. But that doesn't mean that this should take a new turn and revenge be a sort of solution. What we need to do is essentially abloish any kind of quota/caste system. I would go further to say that about religion as well. But that is not in context here. What is relevant is the upcoming generation should realise that their merit is what takes them forward. For this, any kind of financial assistance should be handed. Instead, any move to agitate the hidden caste system at large will prove to be detrimental to any growth that India hopes to achieve. It will only drive a deeper wedge between the whole of the Indian Populace. Manmohan ji, are you listening ??


nandini ray said...

I do agree with this. Instead of digging deep into the caste, we can highlight the credentials of the population to take India towards the cherished goal.

Anonymous said...

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