September 8, 2006

Essentially Troubled !!

September 08, 2006 Posted by Vijay , 3 comments
To realise that essentials are missing to be donned on a human body is quite an embarrassing situation to be in. It would have literally meant lo(o)sing control.That this calamitous turn of event had to happen to me, was something I had no idea was coming. I was dismayed and had no idea what to do, as the realisation dawned on me yesterday late into the night that all these so called essentials had to be washed, and I had no time whatsoever. The pile of clothes in the bathroom was proof that I probably would have to be essential-capped for today.

Though I did not have the time to stitch a new essential, I had to dig into some old sets of clothes and lo and behold, opened sesame !! There was ONE ! But just one mind you ! I understand that this post may not make for good reading for anyone, but the liberty a blog provides is something which I have always needed.That I donned this miraculously discovered essential today with no other alternative need not be further illustrated.

Now that I have to also embark on a 2 day trek tonight, with a bit of shopping and packing to do, makes it further more difficult to wash the essentials. That leaves me with no other option but to buy a brand new set of them, and not just one or two,maybe 3-4, since I will need one for Monday too, what say ??!!

N.B. For those who are not able to make out what I mean by essential, it is an underground bear hug, without the ground and the hug, but with a w instead of the b in the bear. Hope that makes some sense !!


Anonymous said...

:)...please go for the trek with new ones :)

Deepak Sharma said...

buddy... dont be shy..will tell u my bit right here right now... last year when i left bangalore i counted the amount of the so called "underground bear hug" i had 16 of those...!!! yeah i mean every bit of it... 16 nos....:-)

Anonymous said...

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