October 3, 2006

Weekend Surprises ..

October 03, 2006 Posted by Vijay 1 comment
A weekend full of killings, not if the human kind, but of moments, of minutes and seconds. While the whole of India was engrossed in celebrating Durga Pooja, my friends and I were busy plotting what next, to kill time ? Saturday and Sunday went by at a Bengali Community event at Koramangala, at what is a Kalyana Mantapa. Well, evenings went by at this place, as we looked around for Bongs and I was eying the Bong Babes ;-). But the pooja celebration which essentially was an excuse to invite Bangaloreans to come do some bird watching and go back home, having feasted the eyes and the stomach alike.

The Kalyana Mantapa, was chock-a-block with food stalls, lavishing bengali pleasantries, which varied from the vegetarian food, which includes fish, primarily. Stalls weren't limited to just fish slices, but also chicken biriyanis and, guess what else ? Pizzas too !! Pizzas, at a Bengali function to celebrate Durga Pooja ? And I thought the fruit stall selling Sondesh and Rosagulla, would be the epitome of Bengali food, and just that. Upon closer observation, it was heartening to see that the moorthis of Goddess Durga were atleast spared from being sponsored. It seemed almost everything was sponsored, with the banners reaching the close proximity of the moorthis.

So, the age of globalisation also has also infused the advent of commercialisation and vast opportunities for young folks looking for that elusive soulmate. Well, I must confess, though my intentions were always to find out how Bengalis celebrate the Durga Pooja, the second priority which would later become primary was to eye some of the prettier Bong Babes. Nothing wrong, for the gathering(which is what I call it as) had attracted a huge audience, with cultural programmes also happening in the Mantapa hall.

Coming back to the delicacies being served, I was almost tempted to have one of the fish chops. They were packaged so beautifull, that they almost resembled some kind of a sweet. But, I had to stick to the southie version of vegetarianism as I watched my other friends gobble up the delightful bengali food around. I wanted to claim to be the fastest learner of Bengali in the world. But just saying Aami Sondesh Khabo(I want to eat Sondesh) wouldn't help me qualify for such a title. I had to accept defeat, and left it off at Aami Sondesh Khabo, for the 2 days.

So, the 9th day of celebrations were over and October 2nd beckoned. Jobless, and wanting to kill the Monday too, we planned to go to the Forum. The funniest part about Forum is it's caption. It reads - "Your space, your time". Well, pehle space to do, uske baad time ka sochete hain bhaai. On weekends and holidays, The Forum resembles a Mela, with the Big Wheels. It almost would seem that no one in Bangalore has ever seen a shop in their life time. Well, justifications are, we want a good time, and my justification also comes in, quite often, kill time and feast your eyes. Though watching hand held birds in love, leaves one depressed, with no hand to be held for oneself. But hey, who gives the kind of independence in this case !!

So yesterday, Forum was the meeting point, and after a lot of chatting, we decided that it was time for dinner. Gramin, was on the target, but in order to make an entry to actually stand in the long queue to get to have dinner, we had to wait for another 5 minutes. Hilarious !! Well, moving on, since the majority, wanted to have Non-Veg, we proceeded towards Aiwas Broast Chicken, which specialises more in Burgers and not the normal north or south indian cuisines.

But, we were to realise that, quite late into the order waiting ordeal. After having ordered, the bearer who took our order was not to be seen. It was already ten in the night and we were wondering, whether there was a miscommunication of having ordered for breakfast instead. Anyhow, our patience was running out, but it had run out, and was lying flat on the floor, for another customer who had come with his family. He took out all his anger on the table glasses and started throwing them at random in the room ! It just about managed to miss couple of us, and very soon, he threw up another glass up on to the ceiling.

I, trying to be extra alert and responsible, pointed ouot who had thrown the glass, and went down with another bearer, thinking, I would be asked to point out who the culprit was. For what he was doing was getting to be very dangerous indeed. Instead, the manager at the counter was quick in reacting that, taking any chances would mean getting beaten up. Man-o-man, here you have a customer, God knows maybe even drunk, having come with his family, and thowing glasses around the room, and the manager of the hotel bacically chickened out ! After a couple of minutes of fist cuffs, the customer left the hotel, obviously fuming, and not paying the bill. It was a relief, in a way though.

Very soon, our order had come. Ironically, what we had ordered as starters came at the end, and what had to come at the end, came first, even before the main order. But the food was quite tasty, and spicy, but the service was quite appalling. Even as we were finishing our dinner, we saw few more customers getting inside. We were left wondering whether they had come for breakfast or dinner. But one thing was for sure. They must be pretty used to doing a lot of night outs !

The drama for me was only about to unravel more. Alok, dropped me back home late in the night, at 11 and I was calling up one of my friends over phone. My phone, the chik sleek Samsung X620, had been giving me problems during it's 6 month stint with me. It used to hang in between calls, and wouldn't start immediately on picking a call, and what not. I was about to revisit one of those hanging problems, as , into the 5th minute of my talk, all of a sudden the line went blank. I thought it was something to do with the network. And after seconds of hello-ing, I looked at the screen on my mobile, and it was stuck, blanked out, still showing how many seconds the call had gone on for. It was quite disgusting.

I removed the battery, and tried to fit it back in , but the phone wouldn't even start. After 3-4 more valiant attempts, I thought it best, that the mobile, without the battery should chill out for sometime. And after 15 minutes, I re-unite the battery with it's body, and what do I see, the entire phone has been reset. The entire phone memory details wiped out. And then, I was fuming, at the phone, which finally was working, but not before it had done enough damage to my phone list. The SIM card survived, with it's details. But all the photos were gone, vanished.

I had apprehensions throughout the 6 months, that my handset wasn't upto scratch, and I would have to change it quickly. But, I never realised things would take such a turn. And the decision to replace my favored brand of mobile handsets, i.e., Samsung had now arrived. It had to be either Motorola SLVR series or something else, but not Samsung, not for now atleast !

I went to the Bharti's shop in Jayanagar, which is popular for it's mobile phone sales, today morning. I wanted the same features as my old Samsung mobile, which I was about to exchange. I was more keen on the Motorola SLVR L6. But compared to another smaller LG handset, the C2500, the Motorola looked more sleek, and thin, but for 200 bucks more the LG one was offering the cam as well as the datacable, besides a pretty neat mp3 player. With the bad experience of the Samsung X620, I was ready to make compromises on the looks part, and was more than glad to exchange it for the LG C2500 handset.

Here I must also write a few points on the review of LG C2500. For what I was about to see in a matter of minutes into using the phone was quite amusing and more embarrassing. The phone is light weight, sporting features like 64 MB space, mp3 player, FM, camera. I was quite happy with the purchase of 5800 (paid 3300 in all, minus the 2500 for the 6 month old X620). But true to the pink image of LG, on it's logo and it's website, I saw in the tools of the phone - Pink Schedule. I was more than little surprused since pink is more a feminish term and color, and here it was on a mobile, which I (being as straight as any guy can be) had purchased. And when I went into the details of the Pink Schedule, I was a tad embarrassed to see items which read "Last Mens Date" and "Average Period". Now, it wasn't hard to understand what it actually meant, having come from the menu stating Pink Schedule. And glancing at the manual proved my doubts correct. It indeed said that, not all users may have the physical features to use this feature. OF COURSE I DON'T HAVE THAT FEATURE DAMMIT !!!!!


A Bong babe said...

nice blog VJ...u sure had an eventful weekend....so which bong babe have u set ur eyes on?