January 25, 2007

Midnight Madness ..!!

January 25, 2007 Posted by Vijay , 3 comments
Warning : The following article contains information beyond any human thought or imagination. The reader is hereby warned that reading the article could cause severe bouts of uncontrollable convolutions which can lead to complications resulting in implications bringing about multiplications to the already existing complications. Reader discretion is strictly advised !

So, what happens when one is nearing the end of his/her stay in the U.S of A ? Well, in a week's time I will be going back to my homeland, India. And the feelings poured forth during my conversation with Sankar. Excerpts :

Sankar: India of the Burma of the Lanka
12:12 AM b* of the cable of sharapova
brain of the sankar of California
reserve of the army of America
me: countries of the paradise in the satirical phrase of the entire universal truth hidden behind the doors to heaven which are opening in the unity and integrity of the Indian sub continental atmosphere

12:13 AM Sankar: seventeen crosses on the mountains beside the molehill where Mohammed fights Jehovah and limits the speed of the oncoming juggernaut of the threats of world terrorism incited by the excited Yankees who are calling for colonialism of territories inhabited by homo sapiens

12:16 AM me: Indians untied and united in the war on terrorism have to catch the scruff of the lashkar's neck to get any semblance of brutality in the mind of the common layman's brothers whose fathers and sisters are languishing in the prisons of Alcatraz far away from their hinterland, cursing the truth which they have to face in the naked inhabitation of the coniferous trees which are the habitation of the united states and the Alaskans'' Eskimo population

12:19 AM because lipping the board and chalking the cheese on the bread's interior will not produce any butter in the amul factory for you to do a reverse production to produce milk and curd in the same format as you prepare bits and bytes in the mother's and father's board on the computer's mouse which have nothing but houses inbuilt in their apartments tending to overlay the outsiders' view to the beauty which lies within the hearts of millions of watchers who do not pass by unlike passers by

12:21 AM Sankar: the ball of decency bouncing between the baskets of self defence and ego played at the heights of world leaders who are wielding power at the cost of the poor savages of third world countries faced by problems of poverty and ignorance n yellow fever which can only be removed by bathing in the light of the sun sifting through the sequoia trees of red wood in a green house with white light generated by the isolation and isoscelation of triangular emissions of microwave which are heating the roasted garnished garlic into the nose and mouth of the savoring onsite employee who is specializing in testing the patience of the patients and generalizing the theory of wealth n health exercised at nearby gyms with jim corbett without betting on pushups or belting on chinups before sundown hitting the eiderdown of the sleep train mattress bought at a discount of the year beginning sales

12:24 AM me: opposing the opossum might be an awesome idea which only the anaconda's coding capabilities can defeat and dent the ego of the hapless python whose invisible hood can't be seen on the cobra's eyes owing to the lack of vision which only the mission statement of the CEO can capture but may eventually rupture the shell of the duck's eggs resulting in oozing and ducking by the human waiting underneath the temple premises hoping to get a garland for the prayers


Srivatsa said...

what was your intention?

To make us mad or are you reminding that you are mad??

Anonymous said...

Vijay!! Just crashed all the confidence on my comprehension skills...

Anonymous said...

My brain has not stopped swirling since I read this... Is this what they call 'Modern art'?