February 28, 2007

Sanity Restored Is Insanity Gained

February 28, 2007 Posted by Vijay , 5 comments
When I initially hit upon this statement, it was more by chance than by intent. When I started thinking about it later, it made more and more sense to me. Of course, a statement like this is bound to raise eyebrows, and bring more amusement and giggles than any sort of constructive thought as to why a sentence like this would get even coined.

Coined, I understand is a big word. For once though, I wish to keep the rights reserved on this statement to myself. In order to make people understand what I meant by this sentence, I had to struggle, and quite expectantly, all my efforts went in vain. All were busy teasing, and laughing at such a strange and weird sentence as a name on orkut. Yes, this is my name right now in orkut, and when my friends, new/old add me in orkut, they tend to wonder who the hell is this ? I sometimes have to personally go to them and add myself in their friends' list, since my name isn't there, and now, nor are my snaps.

Importantly though, it started dawning on me that "Sanity Restored Is Insanity Gained" assumes much more importance than what people might otherwise think. Dismissing it as a moment of madness, is not acceptable, atleast not to me. There are some simple reasons why I stick to my point. There doesn't exist a single soul on this planet, who doesn't have a whacky side to him/her. No one is born perfect. No one is born dumb either. Everyone have their own unique traits, which could be odd for some, irritating for some others, and amusing for yet others. But there exists a streak of abnormality in everyone of us. The levels of which may vary.
Can anyone explain why Einstein had such kind of hair and hairstyle ? If he had been alive today, I wouldn't be surprised if he was a celebrity more than a scientist. I am thinking how girls young and old would scream at seeing him in his balcony like they would do seeing a Michale Jackson or a Justin Timberlake. That's what looks can do ! Jokes apart, I can't over-emphasise the streak of eccentricity which would have led to Einstein sporting such a hairstyle.

Being abnormal is something which no one wishes to accept. People try to define what a crack is and what a normal person is. It is just the level of abnormality which a person wishes to project in open public which gives him/her the tag of crazy. That doesn't mean they aren't normal. It is but a mere fact that most of the human population believe they need to behave a certain way, and that is how they can be perceived as good human beings rather than weird human beings.

There is but a blurring line which separates a genius from an eccentric. Those who have been genii, have always tread the path of an eccentric. Exploring realms beyond human thoughts, and without any inhibitions. That is what separates a genius from a normal human being. This is not to say that the supposed normal humans are not genii. It is just that, they restrict their brilliance, and are contented to be perceived as normal and good rather than eccentric and weird.

The statement "Sanity Restored Is Insanity Gained" is just a paradoxical truth of life. When somebody has a high of doing something crazy, they become, so to speak insane, weird, and maybe unacceptable as a normal person. But, no one seems to understand that, that is when they are their normal self. Uninhibited and free. Why do people drink ? To bring out their feelings. Aren't these feelings restricted when they don't drink ? That means, those who drink, act abnormally, while in fact they only express their anguish and true feelings. So, when someone acts as their true self, they are insane(or that's how everyone perceives) . This only proves my point further that, when Sanity Is Restored, a person behaves as his true self. And his so called perceived insanity is regained.


Anonymous said...

I could not agree more to this, Vijay.
With the growth of civilization, we have also tried to define the sane ways of functioning in a society. I know of a widow who has lost her voice after her young husband's death. The socity in which she lives didn't approve of displaying emotions in public and the shock of her husbands death added to the restriction on venting her feelings (tears) has silenced her for ever.

as said...

The niche of insanity is revealed in expressing oneself freely & spontaneously. When we think of some biggies we can identify some extremely eerie and eccentric persona intricately associated with them. Nevertheless, we can not perceive emotive expressions of a person to be weird and hence spontaneous always. Anybody can gush out his expressions in a way he finds it contended,relaxed and elegant.At the same time it can synchronize with others harmonizing their feelings with the scintillating symphony of 'joie-de-vivre'.This is what I feel to feel one's whole-being. It instills passion and exhumes emotions, neither bizarre nor weird, contemplative to everyone around.

Venkat said...

So wat r u now
normal or abnormal ???
or shall i ask,, r u insane still ?

KK said...

I now understood what u mean to say when u say 'Sanity Restored is insanity Gained'....I must say this is quiet true, esp when things are told about everyones wierd and eccentric natures. It is true for every human being.

I now remember a saying by someone that says 'Every man, when lonely, is sincere...At the entrance of another man, hypocrisy begins'....I believe this sentence. It applies for every human being though they are with their family or loved ones....it takes true courage to be themselves and honest always....atleast try to be :)

-WhyT- said...

Ofcourse yes, you might have known this quote saying that "In Every Man's victory there will be a Woman behind" like that in "In every human being there will be a Private Life". Sometimes these private life will come to know by chance or when they are become eccentric or insane. According to me people should be what they are and how they are irrespective of the perception of others. Though it is difficult to do so .. but try to be most of the times .. which will help our life easy. Always try to entertain others or get entertained by others. Indeed getting Sanity is Insanity gained.