January 8, 2008

Sometimes ..

January 08, 2008 Posted by Vijay , 5 comments
Sometimes, the untold is told in a million gestures. Sometimes, the unintentional is told in a million words. Both leave the wrong impression. While the former leaves many a tale untold, the latter leaves many a heart hurt.

Sometimes, a look can convey the feeling of love. Sometimes, the same look is returned, and reciprocated without a word uttered. Sometimes, even a hundred attempts fail to win the heart. While both yearn for the same affection, one succeeds without a word, the other fails upon repeated attempts.

Sometimes, distances can be bridged by letters and mails. Sometimes, distances are purposefully maintained, even when in proximity. While the former relates to hundreds or thousands of miles, the latter embarrasses by being right in front of the other.

Sometimes, a heart doesn't realise the worth of the other. Sometimes, a hurtful feeling can end a relationship. But both eventually break a heart, one way or the other.

Sometimes, a rumour is heard and understood as real. Sometimes, a comment can hurt the ego. But both eventually, hurt the feelings of one or the other.

Sometimes, a cherubic smile can change a day. Sometimes, a sight can make a heart flutter. While the former brings joy and happiness, the latter stumps, and lets cupid pierce the arrow.

Sometimes, we forget to keep in touch. Sometimes, we unexpectedly get that call, never expected of. While in the former, a hollow feeling creeps in, in the latter, joy sweeps in.

Sometimes, we think of all these. Sometimes, we act upon few of these. But seldom do we dwell and work on all these.


alok said...

Good one …Sometimes things are different as perceived

WhyT said...

Sometimes someone expresses something on someone which sometimes become a reality to somebody which someone cannot realize.

This is way of life. Nice Article on "Sometime" pass.

Rajan... said...

Nice one dude...kind of deep...but really liked it...
If you think in that way, you'll find so much of salt in our lives..

ET said...

Many times i have felt "Sometimes..." are nostalgic

Srivatsa said...

Sometimes I understand what you are saying. Sometimes, I dont get the hell what you are trying to say....But still, in both cases I enjoy reading what you write!!!