February 27, 2008

So why take offense ?

February 27, 2008 Posted by Vijay 1 comment
Hayden called Bhajji a bad boy. If it is considered offensive in India, eventhough its a famous clothing brand, why did Symonds take offense to him being called Monkey ? After all, India worships the Monkey God. So, if Bhajji calls Symonds Monkey, he should feel proud right ? Its a different story, that calling Symonds a monkey is abusing all monkeys in the world. Sorry mate, we in India can't find words which can even describe Symonds.

Maybe the Aussies should take it lightly, right Symonds ?


P.S said...

Hi dude,

Seems the hare-brained mind's reflections are after all reasonable.
Found your blog interesting.
Keep blogging :)