July 21, 2008

What is 'Left' ?

July 21, 2008 Posted by Vijay , No comments
Ahead of the crucial Confidence Vote that the UPA has to win, to continue it's 5 year full term, the common Indian citizen is in a daze. Dazed, at the turn of events over the past 3 weeks. Finally, Manmohan Singh had enough of politicking, much against his true nature, and just like he set up the great Indian liberalisation, he has probably foreseen the importance of the Indo-US Nuclear deal, and done all that he can to set the ball rolling.

Unfortunately, the Left is stuck in the past, and refuses to understand the aam aadmi agenda of their own coalition. After repeated attacks at the Gocernment's inevitable decision to hike fuel prices, the Left parties insisted that the Nuclear deal was more of heeding to imperialism from the U.S. Well, funnily enough, China doesn't seem to oppose the India specific Nuclear Agreement, being a Communist state by itself. Left keeps arguing that India would be subservient to the U.S. just so as to tackle growing Chinese dominance as a World Power.

One wonders what has become of the Left. The Left parties have left the aam admi behind and made matters worse. A month back, the crude oil prices were on the boil, and in a few months' time the Indian Government run Oil majors raised major concerns of their supplies running out and not having sufficient amount to purchase further crude from the market. The Government subsequently raised the prices, inevitably so. The Left, insisted, this was against the common man. Common man, my foot ! How can the common man have access to food,if the transports in the country don't have enough fuel to reach them ? Ridiculously, the citizen loving Left, protested, and organised strikes, paralysing major transports in the country. During such frivolous strikes, does the common man have a choice of transport ? A choice of working or buying food from the market ?

Left has been extraordinarily contradictory during the entire co-alition rule of the UPA. The excess subsidy being still given by Indian oil companies, will eventually bite back the Great Indian growth story. The results are already evident with inflation almost touching the 12% mark. Where a plate of idly in Bangalore used to cost Rs.6 some eight months back, comes at 10 a plate today. Coffee has jumped from Rs. 5 to Rs. 6 in the past 4 months or so.

Manmohan Singh, being a man of strong principles, put the country ahead of politics, and dared the Left and the Opposition to vote his Government out. Though the UPA is struggling to get the magic figure of 271, Manmohan Singh sure has sent out a strong signal to the Left. And ironically, Manmohan seems to be the one who has the interests of the citizens and the country ahead of politics. Left's reaction to withdrawing from the Government was more a reaction to Manmohan's daredevilry.

Left has yet again proven how contradictory and paradox it's ideologies are, by not considering the huge energy needs that India will have to support in next decade. If the Left, still has some representation in future co-alitions, will it then organize strikes because of the lack of energy for the common man ? Of Course Yes ! Left seems more intent on remonstration and not providing any feasible or viable solution. It is forever stuck and blinded by it's own ideological world, and in turn will only harm India's growth and the common man's interest.

At this crucial juncture, when the economy is going through a lull, inflation is on the rise, the Government is fragile, only one man can have his head held high, come what may on July 22nd. Manmohan Singh. He probably has even taken the UPA and the Congress especially aback, with his astuteness and boldness on this mission which was his baby all the while. India should thank this man for all what he has done, and should pray that this Government sees through the Confidence Vote and gets the Nuclear deal through before the Elections kick in.