April 22, 2009

Lowly Deception ..

April 22, 2009 Posted by Vijay , 2 comments
They say I pester with my blogging updates. They say, I write pretty nonsensical stuff. Well, I don't want to get into denial mode, but some of these claims could be true :) Though I'd not want to prove these so called critics right, I sure am giving them ammunition for the future.

Once upon a time, a young man walked into a garment shop to buy a jeans pant for himself. He was badly in need of one, to adorn his handsome self to impress the supposedly available pretty young things. His need was so bad, he was keener on the attributes of the pant. And of course the waist size. Once the requirements were met, he went about altering the length, to suit his supposedly diminutive physique. Which he till date insists is not the case.

Once the length was altered, he was good to go and try it on. Which he did after a few days, when he was ready to impress some pretty young things. While the objective of impressions was still far away, what he did oversee was the trial he never had while purchasing the pant. When he realised the pant had a caveat of not sticking around for long, the realisation dawned that the jeans is supposed to drop off if left without any support whatsoever. A belt seemed to be the need of the hour to hide the blushes from the possibility of a dropping disorder !

With an oblivious choice of fashion came, the tricky handling issues. Holding on to your pant at every step is not a very pleasant situation to be in. A belt, needless to say helped a long way in ridding him of such situations. But when he did forget to wear it one fateful evening, without another choice for a pant, things had to turn more blushy. If holding on to the pant is not enough of a challenge, hiding the blushes when sitting on a chair at a hotel is even more.

The tee shirt was just long enough to carefully hide the revealing low rise jeans. But when time for payment came, out came the wallet from the pant pocket behind. When payment was over, and it came to returning the wallet back to its safety net, the gaping design of the pant undid him. The wallet went behind alright, but inadvertently mistook the low rise gap for the pocket and almost invaded the privacy of a quietly hidden rear. A quick glance of embarrassment later, he found the right pocket for his wallet and a wore a wry smile on his way back home !


Renjith said...

Well it happens to everyone :D..dont get embarasssed..be a proud bangalorean. just like the pretty ones who do the same riding pillion on bikes..

Incorrigible Optimist said...

Guess, you already have had a similar experience with the maintenance of 'the privacy of quitely hidden rear'..that has been flashed thorugh the write up..

So funny indeed.