October 17, 2009

Let Security Be !

October 17, 2009 Posted by Vijay , No comments
Though the much hyped Champions League T20 has been a dull affair, an extra dose of spice will always help. What with the drama and events leading upto the double header at the Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru today afternoon. Just few hours before the start of the match on today, there was a scare when bomb detectors found traces of explosives inside the bag of an under-22 cricketer from Jammu and Kashmir at the stadium. Pervez Rasool, the accused was arrested to investigate the case further.

As a result of these unexpected turn of events at the stadium, there was another thorough search done at the stadium to ensure no untoward incidents unfold during the matches. After few hours of his arrest though, the cricketer was released for want of evidence. The matches at Chinnaswamy were delayed by an hour or so.

The repercussions of the events are being felt already. Politicisation of this issue had started with Jammu and Kashmir cricket association and fellow cricketers demanding an explanation for the arrest and release. The claims are as absurd to suggest that Pervez was treated in such a manner because he hails from Jammu and Kashmir. It is quite bizarre that someone even raises such a question, when India for all the 60 years of post independence has been trying to help the cause of Jammu and Kashmir.

What hurts me atleast, is the sheer irresponsible comments which such people raise of discrimination. When every citizen in the country knows that security is paramount, in view India's vulnerability to terror attacks, what is so difficult to digest about an arrest ? It is quite ridiculous to imagine any justification that these supposed Jammu and Kashmir cricketers (or whosoever) wants to give. Why on earth would detectors beep only from this cricketer's bag ? There is a reason for such security measures. In fact, these protesters themselves should acknowledge and be understanding of the security measures, since J&K itself has been under constant terror threats.

I strongly feel what the police authorities did at Bengaluru was apropriate and anyone in that situation would have been caught. Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India, and there is absolutely no reason to think the events were discriminatory. I hope common sense prevails and the protesters realise that what has been done was for the good of everyone at the stadium. Period !