March 24, 2010

Lucky Is Me ...

March 24, 2010 Posted by Vijay , No comments
Over three months back, something happened around me, the disillusionment of which will be over only post April 11. But what has been obvious since those turn of events, is the rising expenses. That, it had to happen unabated, was something I had never imagined. Except me, all things around me are moving to a status - New. Be it my mobile, be it earphones for my Cowon D2, or the strap for my watch, or just the bare minimum batteries to run the dials at home. But what is certainly reassuring is that these expenses are the harbinger of a new life, a new dawn in an otherwise boring life I have had for a few months prior to that. The reassurance will be at the cost of my bachelorhood, but I have happily accepted my fate!

 But amidst these expenses, I have had the opportunity to explore a new mobile phone, the Sony Ericsson S312, and bought the Creative EP 630 earphones for my D2. I had to let go of my Sony K510i after 3.5 long years of amazingly good response, owing to its inevitable joystick issues and the fear of the depreciation it might go through beyond a certain point. The S312 boasts style, though its keypad looks crammed up. But it fit into my scheme of things, weight wise, affordability wise, and brand wise. I had initial problems with the S312 due to battery draining,had to fight with the dealer and had it sent to the Sony Service Center. I was told to format the memory card which came along with the pack and now things seem to be better with my S312. It sure is tempting to grab one of those smartphones though!

And then, my beloved D2 earphones started acting weird. The earphones which came along with the player would crackle up, and refused to work normally. I loved the earphones which came with the player, but did not want to spoil the rich audio experience of Cowon by purchasing just another earphone. I finally zeroed in on the Creative EP 630, for their affordabilty, noise isolation and quality. After I read some reviews, most of which were positive, I was happy to shell out 999 on I must say their service is more than impressive and extremely prompt too. I placed an order on Friday night and got it delivered by Monday morning. Thus far, I am very pleased with my purchase and impressed with the earphones.

As for the expenses and the respite from them? Let's just say, they are here to stay, and won't come down by much in future. It is a life long investment that I am making, and one does need to pay a premium for it. You need to pay a high premium for the best out there. I would keep investing more if need be, to reap the rewards forever. Highlights of this life long investment scheme are:

Sparkling eyes,
Crackling smiles.

Hearty laughs,
Naughty chaffs.

Filled with mirth,
Blessed by birth.

Resolve concealed,
Intellect not unveiled.

Lord Bless Me
Lucky is Me ..
Lucky Is Me ..

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