May 21, 2011

Touchy affair with Android

May 21, 2011 Posted by Vijay 1 comment
So finally, I got tempted into the world of touchscreen phones. And to add to my dilemma, there is the choice of the resistive one from the capacitive one. My Archos 70 tablet is a capacitive one, and I have been mighty impressed with it. I wouldn't let myself be subjected to peer pressure of touchscreen mobiles, would I? So I started the hunt for a sub 10000 touchscreen phone.

The Indian market is swelling with various mobile phones, from varying handset makers. From Spice to Micromax to Lava, and then the ubiquitous Samsung, LG, HTC, Nokia and even Dell. I had made up my mind on getting an Android phone, so Nokia was ruled out. All the other contenders had Android phone offerings. Samsung would have been an obvious choice, with its highly popular Samsung Pop (better known as the Galaxy mini). With Android's Froyo and Samsung's brand name, it was very tempting indeed. The price was just about 9000. The other options were Micromax Andro A60, Dell XCD28 and LG Optimus One, which was just over budget at 11000.

I narrowed it down to LG Optimus One and the Samsung Pop, with the latter being first choice. Then came a quite unusual option, Ideos. I had known that Ideos U8150 (by Huawei) was launched with a tie up with Aircel in India, and I did have my eyes on it while I was in U.S earlier in the year. The most striking features were the pricepoint (8500) and the vanialla Froyo Android firmware on it. This meant, no unnecessary apps of the handset maker, and plain Android. Besides, it had a capacitive touchscreen too.

But I kept hesitating, for the price was still around the 9000 mark, which made me uncomfortable. I have always tried to buy phones at a reasonable lower price range of 6000, while I was willing to make an exception  with an Android phone. Then my colleague shared information about the Ideos selling for just 7000, at Sangeetha Online. With shipping and tax it came to 7500, which was perfect for my budget. I did enough research on the model and had the right expectations set. I was not going to expect a lot out of its camera, which was reported as mediocre (I can confirm its below par for a 3MP camera). Not to mention the low resolution screen either.

With that, I took the plunge and got my Ideos U8150 from Sangeetha mobiles Online. I had
a harrowing experience getting the phone shipped to my address, while all along it was just 15 kms from my house. It took over a week of follow ups for Aramex courier to deliver it to my doorstep. But I was glad that the phone was worth the wait. The screen was very responsive, and the battery life has been rated as above average. The call quality was also top notch. I couldn't have asked for a better deal.

And then, it was time for unleashing the features. With a post so long, reader fatigue is not something I can afford. So, for those who just need a review and the features, it is in the following post.


Love said...

Dont forget ZTE - Racer. Cheap but powerful tool equipped with android software.