June 6, 2011

Baba Black Sheep

June 06, 2011 Posted by Vijay No comments
Are we Indians so naive to believe anyone who fights the cause of corruption? It is true that India is almost corruption personified. But that doesn't mean anyone who fights against corruption is doing a favour for the country. Baba Ramdev had already planned to launch a political party. So it was not surprising to find that he chose an issue irking all Indians, to pick up and launch an agitation - black money. Obviously through corruption.

Baba Ramdev's fast looked more stage managed and theatrical, than with a true cause which arguably Anna Hazare had. The Baba has thousands of followers of his yoga antics across the country, and would have been dying to get a cause to fight against. What better an option than corruption, to get an entire country on his side besides his own followers. That he chose Delhi as the venue for his fast certainly caused flutters in the Government corridors. No wonder ministers were sent out to woo the Baba at the airport even. The Baba went ahead with his fast, and the next day morning, news was making headlines that the Baba was evicted. I, for one found it right on the Government's part to evict the Baba.

Baba Ramdev being a yoga guru, would have followers across religions. With the crowd supporting Baba's fast swelling past the Ramlila capacity, even a minor scuffle amongst the crowd could have led to a dangerous riot like situation. The presence of RSS could have made the Government equally tense. Once the eviction was complete, the Baba had more options to garner support from follwers and the like - for the cause his fast was for, and the untimely evction he had to go through. It speaks a lot about how we Indians side with anyone powerful enough to fight for a cause. Irrespective of whether the person is genuine or not.

For me, the action taken to evict the Baba was appropriate, for no one can come to the capital and pose a challenge to the country's governance. It could have been a nightmare had things gone out of hand. It was a swift action, to dispel any problems that could have arisen. Whether this is a blow to the fight against corruption, only time will tell. But with someone like Baba, it was never a fight against black money. It was just the break Ramdev would have prayed for, and he has now a bigger following of naive Indians to get a big  enough vote bank.