October 6, 2012

S(h)itting on Facebook

October 06, 2012 Posted by Vijay No comments
I sit on a chair, I squat on a chair. You know what? I feel a commode is like a chair too, since they all satisfy my s(h)itting needs. Oh well, did I just get robbed of my precious seating place by something which is intangible? Come on, what can Facebook replace? My chair? your chair?

One of the most absurd adjectives to project a brand, I am not sure what Facebook was thinking when creating its first ad. To treat Facebook as a chair, is akin to saying, I sit on Facebook the entire day. I even carry it to the restroom, for I sit on a commode. So why can Facebook not be a commode? I sit on the floor, so is Facebook a floor ?

What sense does Facebook's ad mean? Intentions are good, to convey like how we use chairs everyday, sit, relax, so do supposedly people use Facebook. But to me, it is impossible to digest how this even got envisaged. Honestly, this ad shows Facbook is out of ideas to grow its brand. 1 billion users is a landmark achievement, which has been so embarrassingly celebrated with a nonsensical ad.