December 29, 2012

Victimised or Martyred?

December 29, 2012 Posted by Vijay No comments
It pains to see a rape victim being given honours like a martyr killed in a war. Yes, personally it is no less than that for the close family of the gang raped girl who died today. But that does not call for undue attention. Yes, regrettably the cause for the death is ghastly to say the least. But there are many more out there in much smaller towns and villages in India which don't even get reported. The only reason it got reported was it being the national capital.

What has been alarming is the twist the entire episode took. Although the intent of the agitation and the protests was right, it became an entire farce through the two weeks. It was more a case of a nation supporting "a" rape victim, rather than collectively seeking an effective counter measure mechanism against such heinous crimes.

I am not sure how many families would like to know the traumatic narrative of the crime being repeated over zillions of channels. In fact, I personally feel this entire episode has put further fear into women's minds than emboldening them with reassurances. The repetitive nature of broadcasting the tragedy day in and day out serves to only add mental strain for women who would have otherwise been bold to step out late in the night.

Add to it the constable being killed in the protests against inaction on the accused, it became fodder for channels to ride on the incident and claim TPR points. It also gives people like me on social space to spend time bashing up the incompetent authorities or the over the top media channels. Most of the two weeks of sympathy, anger, protests was firstly - due to the incident ; and then the fact that the gang rape victim was struggling to live on. I seriously wonder if she had survived easily enough, if the nation would have seen so many protests.

The only good thing to have happened is, the extent of reach this incident has had. Will this result in any long term safety measures for women in India as a whole? Well, time will only tell. With the passing away of the victim today it may come as no surprise if the entire incident fades away in the New Year celebrations and India gets back to its notorious Chalta Hai attitude.